But Do Humans Ever Care?

The moon sings high in the heavens,

But do humans ever care?

No, most of them continue their lives with no thought of the mystery and beauty hanging up in the star-filled darkness.

The sun fills the sky, trading looks with the moon on the other side of the world,

But do humans ever care?

They care no more than to wipe the sweat from their eyes and ask the sun to lower it's life-giving heat.

The stars dance in harmony with orb of the moon, singing in accordance to the world

But do humans ever care?

They care no more than that the starlit sky makes it easy for them to crawl through the night to their enemy, fouling the night with the death of the young, old and the fit.

The Father Sky holds the birds in an sweeping embrace, gives the air we breathe

But do the humans ever care?

No, rather they pollute him with chemical-ridden smoke, choking the sky, birds, and unknowingly themselves

The rivers flow through eternity, making the way for many a human, they let mortals drink of them

But do humans ever care?

No, they dam the sapphire rivers; pollute the crystal streams with their unwanted trash.

The flowers spread beauty and color across the earth, they give desperately needed medicine

But do humans ever care?

No, they uproot them, ignore them, or pollute the very soil in which they stand

The trees shade the earth and it's inhabitants, at the same time preventing soil from racing to joining the fast moving rivers

But do humans ever care?

No, they fell the trees more then they need to, they care not if their fields are washed away from lack of roots.

The mother earth cradles us all in the final embrace and yet do we care?

We break her heart stones to make palaces, cut her roots to keep us warm, take her natural soil to burn and in turn pollute her husband.

But did humans ever care?

Once we did, long ago, in a far away time and place we respected her and honored her. She was our mother, in birth, death and life.

But in this time of advances have we spared a thought for her, that which gave us everything we own?

She who holds the air we breathe, the ground we stand on, the food we eat

She holds even us and in her anger could swallow us all

Maybe long ago we should never have stepped upon this path to greatness,

And yet to humankind is not the glory of something better than the substance

If long ago we had thought about what could happen, maybe the ancients would have chosen differently or maybe we are such a heartless race it would not have mattered.

But today we can still try to fix it,

For the moon still sings, waiting for acknowledgement,

The sun still sheds his light upon us all

The stars still dance in the ancient constellations

The rivers still flow, dirty but maybe capable of the evil being purged from the murky waters,

Father sky still holds his creatures, an everlasting blue

The flowers still spread their beauty where let to grow

Some trees still tower over small buildings and yet is a grandfather of men

The mother still sits in her place on this earth, everywhere,

Working together, we, the race of man, can help repair our blatant destruction of the Earth

Will you put your hand in the ground and help?

Or will you watch your world go by

As the rain turns to pain

As the trees turn to hulks

As the sea becomes poison waiting to seep into your house,

As the civilization of man becomes the last to be capable of "gracing" the destroyed world

What is your choice?