((Weeehooohoohooo..Hey all, It's me, FlamingSmileyFace. After much thinking, then yelling, then thinking again, then time spent in a mental institution, then less thinking, I've decided to edit my Elemental Distortions stories that I wrote for Neopets. I'm going to re-write all my characters as humans, and make the plots a bit deeper, and more uniquely woven. Plus now I hope people will be able to relate to the characters a bit more. Don't worry if you've never even heard of them, it's all good. I hate setting scenes though..I must increase my adjective vocabulary. Yes, I did change the title by the way. I always wanted it to be named "Elemental Dragons" but I guess something was lost in the translation. Let's get started, shall we?))

"You must understand.." came the booming voice from within the pitch black darkness. "This world, it isn't what you think it is. Don't be selfish, join us...Viator.." as the final words emanated from within the void, the final syllables repeated in an eerie echo.

"V..Via...Viator..." they continued...

"NO, I WON'T LET YOU TAKE ME!" Shouted Viator, bolting upright in her bed, and stretching her arms out to grab whoever was over her. To her surprise, she caught the ears of a young round faced girl, who had been hovering over her bed.

"VIA!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Shouted the young girl, grabbing Viator's elbows, attempting to break free of the grasping hands.

"H..huh?" Muttered Viator, opening her left eye to see her attacker. In her deathly tight grip stood a young girl. She stood about 4'3, and her stout, almost pudgy frame was shaking in fear at Viator's sudden outburst.

"VIA!?" yelled the girl again, finally breaking free, and taking an angry step back. Her bright, sky blue eyes glittered in a mix of embarrassed fear as a lock of her purple hair fell out of one of the two braids that hung from the side of her head. She raised a quick hand, and brushed it under her bangs in relief.

"Gah..I'm sorry Harle.." sighed Viator, sighing in relief that it was her younger sister that had been calling to her.

Harle took in a sharp breath, and sighed loudly. "It's alright Via. To be honest, I was about to pinch your nose until you woke up!"

Viator shot her a quick look, at which Harle giggled.

"Anyway," giggled Harle, "Crescent sent me to tell you that breakfast is ready." She heaved a quick breath, and attempted a nasalish voice, "And she better not think she can sleep all day!"

It was Viator's turn to giggle at her sister's imitation of their other sister. "All right, tell her I'll be out in a minute..and Harle?"

"Yeah?" replied her sister, as she was headed out of the room.

"Sorry about that! I was having a nightmare.."

"No problem Via! I get them all the time too!"

With that, a quick smile, and a flurry of Harle's long purple work dress, she was out the door.

Upon her sisters exit, Viator sighed, threw off her blankets, and slowly rose off her mattress. Taking a quick, sweeping look around her small square room, furnished with all her needs. A small oak bedside table, for a book or two, a few shelves over her bed, a large oak dresser to match her bedside table, a body length crystal mirror, and to complete the ensemble, a large square window complete with translucent orange curtains.

Stepping into the sunlight of the window, she threw open the doors to her dresser. Viator laughed quickly at the lack of clothes within, and grabbed her everyday clothes, which consisted of her black leather shorts made to appear to be flame licked at the bottoms, several leather belts of various colors, and her favorite black tank top. She silently, and wistfully threw her clothes on, and grabbed for her tall, black leather boots. Much like the shirt, they were made to appear to be caught in eternal fire.

After sliding them up her legs, Viator flipped a piece of her chest long brown hair behind her neck. Striding quickly over to her mirror, she grabbed the black brush that was lying on her bedside table. Sweeping it through her chestnut hair a few quick times, she then tossed the brush onto her bed, and grabbed her large bracelets and gauntlet. She situated the gauntlet onto her left hand, and the loud bracelets on her right, she finished with a silver armband above her elbow.

Unable to resist the temptation, Via flashed herself a quick peace sign, and catching a whiff of breakfast, sprinted out of the room, leaving it in total disarray.

She dashed through the long hallway, and past the doors to various other rooms, eventually emerging in the large living room. As usual, a large fire was burning in the brick fireplace on the far side of the room, sending the smell of smoked wood into the air. A few padded chairs here and there, and a rug in the center decked out this typical living room, furnished also with a large bookcase on one side.

"Good morning Via.." came the familiar, smooth voice of the figure that sat on the plush, green couch.

"Good Morning Admantine.." Smiled Viator to her eldest sister.

Admantine smiled, her tall, thin frame outlined by the morning sunlight that poured in from the window above the couch. She flipped her long braided hair to her back as she got up, its rosy color shining in the light. Her long skirt swished as she stood, and adjusted her small wire frame glasses, which accented her gray eyes.

As she stood, Viator noted the thick book that rested open beside her.

"Shall we go into the kitchen? We were all waiting for you."

"Make me feel even better about sleeping in, why don't'cha?" sighed Via, turning the corner beside her, and into the kitchen.

A warm smell of cinnamon wafted about the room, mainly centered around the already seated Harle. Her rosy cheeks glowed even brighter as she smiled at the sweet smells of breakfast. She sat at the centerpiece of the room, a large, circular wooden table, which had already been set with the appropriate utensils. Across one side of the room, were cabinets above a few counters, accented with a large sink basin, and drawers for the many table furnishings they owned. On another wall, was the large door to the yard, it's large window also allowing the bright sunlight to cast it's beam on the center of the room. On the wall opposite the sink basin, was a large wood burning stove, various pots simmered lightly, as the dancing lights within indicated a fire heating them.

"Aahhhh!" grinned Viator, stepping further into the room. As she did, she felt something big, solid, and painful connect with the top of her head.

"AOWACH!" she shouted, jumping away quickly. She barely missed hitting the counter. "WHAT WAS THAT?" she shouted again, turning to face her attacker.

Not to her surprise, her younger sister Crescent stood smugly, a large wooden spoon tapping lightly against her hip.

"Good morning Via." Sneered Crescent. Her long, light blue tunic fit soundly and efficiently on her slender body. Her heeled foot tapped lightly on the stone floor, as she threw a quick hand through her short, lavender colored hair. Her face bore a steady, no-nonsense sense look.

"G...good morning Crescent ^^;;" Stammered Viator. Despite the age difference, her younger sister could be downright frightening when she wanted to be.

Crescent's head fell forward slightly, as she frowned and shook it slightly.

"It was your day to set the table! But you slept in, and Harle had to do it!"

"I..I'm sorry! ^^;; I'm sorry Harle!" Stammered Viator again, turning to give her sister a pleading look. Harle's face showed that she had obviously been forced into doing it, before she bent her head, and pretended to become fascinated by her fork.

Admantine, who had followed Viator in, chuckled lightly at the situation, and walked over to her seat. The chair lightly scraped against the stone floor as she took her place, leaving Viator's pleading look still plastered to her face. Admantine looked up at her quickly, and shrugged her shoulders to indicate that it was out of her hands.

Crescent sighed again, and threw her arms up in defeat.

"Well Via, I guess I should have gotten used to it, considering it's been happening for these past 6 months. Let's just eat already!" And with a clack of heels, she turned to start serving.

"Phew..you would think I would have gotten used to that spoon every morning too.." mumbled Viator to herself, as she sulked over to take her seat.

"Thus begins an average day in our family.." smiled Admantine to herself.

((VOILA! I know this part wasn't very exciting, but I had to introduce the main characters right? I think it turned out pretty darned well! For anyone who's read my other series, I tried to keep all the names the same, but WhiteSilver just didn't sound..right. So I changed it to something pretty much along those lines. Hopefully I can keep writing these parts ^^;;))