My Hurdle

At first I looked for something horrible
I looked beneath the skin
Your exterior was so perfect,
Convinced it was within.

Finding nothing, I was content
Your tight embrace swept me
Off my feet so firmly placed
On the ground, right un'er me.

It crept right by my prying eyes
Something hidden deep inside
It emerged, the darkening skies,
An ominous prediction.

Even a fool would've left after
the things you did that night.
I could sense it through the dying laughter
You kissed her then, to my distress.

You were my hurdle
I wanted to get above it.
You didn't object
You seemed to love it
All I'm saying now,
Since I've left you behind
Looking for more than a man with a cow.
Is that you're the worst.

A woman doesn't blame herself for trying
To change a man that objects to buying
The Diamond that would change us forever
The Words making you seem all the more clearer.

But now as I sleep, you're insignificant.
The words you said, made me just say I can't
If you listen to my humble voice,
You can see I've made the right choice.

[Note: This is for Mark. It has almost no basis in our relationship/would be relationship, but that's okay. It's for him, none-the-less.]