The School From Hell and Its Trip Through Revampnation Part 2

*in the cafeteria*
STAN LEE: *walks by* Oh...a sail boat!
SPIKE: ...*grits teeth*
*in the bathroom*
FELIX:'s almost better than sex.
KAMO: *crawling through the ducts* Hur hur hur! I will be so cool once I catch
Spike and Felix!
*some class*
SOME CHICK: Ohmygod!
MR. IHAVEASTICKUPMYASS: Ms. Stent would you mind explaining why you interrupted the class?
MS. STENT: LOOK! *points*
SOME GUY: Oh my god! It's a shifty looking milk man running through the halls!
CLASS: *gasp*
MR. IHAVEASTICKUPMYASS: Alright class, calm down. The situation will undoubtingly be solved in no time.
SHIFTY MILK MAN: *walks in* *eyes dart around* *pees in the trash can*
CLASS: ...
SHIFTY MILK MAN: *eyes dart around* *runs out*
CLASS: ...
FELIX: Oh yeah! Look at my sechsee bod-ay! *winks at the mirror*
FELIX: *glare* You're a dinosaur. You're a cat. You can't mate.
SOME GUY: Er... *steps away slowly*
FELIX: Ya swash bucking landlubber! ARR! *removes a pool stick out of his pants (it convienently folds, alright!?)*
SOME GUY: *hides in a stall*
FELIX: ARR! *fences with no one and runs out into the halls*
*Felix sword fights with invisible landlubbers until he runs into someone*
FELIX: Oh sorry, I ran into you.
PERSON: You sure did!
FELIX: ...
FELIX: You're not funny.
PERSON: You're an asshole.
FELIX: Thank you.
FELIX: Thank you.
PERSON: That wasn't a compliment!
FELIX: I know. Thank you.
PERSON: ? What! Would you stop doing that?
FELIX: Sure, anything for you.
PERSON: Gah..freak.
FELIX: Thank you!
PERSON: AHHHHHH! *runs off before their head explodes*
FELIX: ...
*five minutes later*
FELIX: ...he he. I'm funny. *sword fights off*
MATTHEW PERRY: Oh! A sailboat!
SPIKE: ...
SPIKE: *takes picture* *smiles*
MATTHEW PERRY: *goofy smile* *walks off*
SPIKE: *beams*
*air ducts*
KAMO: You know, it's taking a really long time for those two to fall into my trap...*plays cards* I'm so rich! ^.^
RUFUS: Hello. I'm rich and like money as well.
KAMO: Mine! *chomp*
RUFUS: Ow, you bitch! *fends her off with a stick and runs*
QUESTION: How can you run through an air duct?
ANSWER: Do we really care?
Onward with the fic...
FELIX: *walks up to Spike* Hello.
SPIKE: Well hello there, sir.
FELIX AND SPIKE: ..Bwahahahahhhahahahaha!
FELIX: We're funny!
SPIKE: We sure are!
FELIX: Was it you who I ran into in the hall?
SPIKE: Either that or my evil twin.
FELIX: You can't have an evil twin.
SPIKE: Why not?
FELIX: You're already evil. How can your twin be evil?
SPIKE: Point taken, point taken..
FELIX: Now that I think about it the person called me an asshole. And a jerk.
SPIKE: *gasp* I have a good twin!?
FELIX: They must be destroyed! OBSTICAAAAALE! ARGH! *fences with a chair*
SPIKE: ...
HARRISON FORD: Hmm..a sailboat. *walks off*
SPIKE: What is up with the famous people!?
FELIX: Art convention thingy? *stops fencing for a moment*
SPIKE: We should enter!
FELIX: Enter what?
SPIKE: The art convention!
FELIX: ...No. Like, what are we going to enter in the art contest thingy..?
SPIKE: Oh...That's easy! We'll enter ourselves!
FELIX: *puts away his pool stick* Uh..hon? You're scaring me.
SPIKE: You just called me hon.
FELIX: I'm entitled to scaring other people as well as myself but no one is allowed to scare me.
SPIKE: You cheap bastard.
FELIX: Thank you, I love you too.
SPIKE: ...
FELIX: ...
SPIKE: *glom* *noogie*
FELIX: Watch the hair! Watch the hair!
SETH GREEN: Sweet! A sailboat!
FELIX: *takes a picture* *smiles*
SETH GREEN: *smiles* *walks off*
*air duct*
KAMO: *sees a diamond* ... *plays cards*