Like I said, Chaos.

But what do you mean Chaos?

What do you mean, what do I mean? Chaos, people running around screaming, suicides alone would go straight through the roof. People would be doing strange things because all of our morals would be thrown out the window.

Yes, but, how do you know this? You could be making it up.

Do you want proof?


Well do you remember what happened at Chernobyl? All we had to do was fake a radiation spill and everyone goes nuts. People started to think that if a nuclear reactor went up they could all be killled. Yet another thing to worry about.

But I think that they should know.

What!? Didn't you get anything I just told you? People would be going crazy! Of course people would want to do things that they wouldnt do before. How many people do you think want to kill you?

I dont know. I allways thought I was pretty well liked.

They do... but everyone would be thinking what they can do to go out with a bang-

Please dont say that! Im allready on the edge.

Sorry. But you do know that that would be the normal reaction of every man woman and child on the earth. And if you are thinking about letting it go one little bit at a time DONT. The panic would be worse because it would be compressed into one day, or mabie one hour. That would be a mess.

But why would people panic?

Because of the end. People arent calm about death. They freak out. There are scertain things that have to be sustained in a persons mind for them to work correctly. If these things arent pressent then the person has a nervous breakdown. Remember when we did those sleep deprevation excersizes on our troops?

No I wasnt told about it.

Well it doesent matter any more. If there was an area 51 Id tell you about it but there isnt. So anyway, we only give the normal soldier 5 hours sleep. One day they had 10 hours, the next day they had 5, and It continued like this for 3 weeks. Most of them couldnt take it. They were tough enough to stay awake, but there minds missed the other 5 hours. Over millions of years we have taught ourselves that we need 10 or more hours sleep. If we remove part of that everything falls apart! And we get...

Hm? Oh yea'. Chaos.

Thats right. Pure unbridled chaos. And that, Mr. President, Is the reason why were not going to tell the people of the earth that they only have 3 more days to live.