1 A Satire on Suicidal Tendencies III

Zoloft & Buspar, maybe three more Xanax,

Effixor, Codone, and a pound of Prozac.

All Vicadin does is leave my brain fried,

The only peace I can find is in suicide.

I could swallow nitro-glycerin, and jump from a tree,

Or blow up form the inside, full of Pop Rocks, Diet Pepsi.

Sew up my mouth, no eating, grow thinner and thinner,

Until I die of malnutrition, never mind time for dinner.

As I sat and counted the peas on my plate,

I finally realized that I could control my fate!

I looked across the table at my momma and my pop,

Their two oblivious smiles made my depressed thought stream stop.

My momma looked at me an asked, “What did you do today?â€