1 The Smoker’s Lament

As I hack and I wheeze, spit and cough,

Like a hog choking on the feed in his trough,

I take a drag, and fathom all the cilia spent,

On this silly habit, writing now, The Smoker’s Lament.

A difficult journey, the trip to my door,

Up three flights of stairs and collapse on my floor.

My intake of smoke, shrunk my lung-capacity to that,

Roughly, of a sickly emphysemic cat.

Though it is: Smelly-pukey-disgusting-deadly-


Unreasonable-stupid-smokey…not intended the pun,

This habit is so untastefully fun.

Come tell me I’m wrong, come tell me I’m dumb.

Make me blow my smoke elsewhere, and shun.

I deserve it, I’m human, tell me all, but not yet.

Because from all of this writing, I need a cigarette.