Scotch Tape Boy

I’m helpful in mending

And useful in tending

Girl pains, I’m what they enjoy

To stretch and to stick

Laid on thin, or on thick

I’m everyone’s Scotch Tape Boy

Is your boyfriend a liar?

Do his words burn like fire?

Is he simply a consummate prick?

Pull my adhesive strip

To a length and then snip!

Stick me on and I’ll fix you up quick.

So you found a new friend?

But it had the same end?

And he left your heart shattered to shards?

Well come and find me

I’m easy and free

Use some more, I have thirty more yards!

Use me all! Don’t feel bad!

Being used makes me glad!

Since I’m only a thing to enjoy.

I’m a meaningless fling,

Like a jump form a swing.

After all, I’m only a Scotch Tape Boy.