i walked quietly down the pathway, turning back frequently, halfway hoping james would show up again out of nowhere, and halfway hoping i would never see him again.

i have always had a fearful sort of love for james.

i came upon a bonfire and some 20 high school age children. they buzzed about the fire in bizarre costumes. a sexy maid, a simple sheeted ghost. silly costumes, cheap and not thought out.

i saw him immediatly.

there was one boy, away from the others, sitting on an overturned crate and biting his nails. he was not wearing a costume. i chose him.

i moved towards him, and i saw him glance at me. he quickly looked away, and furiously attacked his nails with his teeth. i smiled, and came to stand next to him. i do not know why exactly i said to him what i did next. it seemed to come from somewhere behind me.

"i made the stars."

he looked up at me, hand paused in front of his mouth. his eyes were mortified, and his voice trembled. "who are you?"

i smiled, my lips hardly parting. i let my hand down, brushing it against his. he had no choice really but to take it, and he stood. "my name is juliet, and we will take a walk." he smiled nervously, as if afraid to let me see him happy.

"my name's beau," he offered as i pulled him away from the happy gathering, tightly holding his clammy hand.

i glanced over my shoulder. grinning, i said, "i know." for whatever reason, i can't remember. but it made him blush, and i needed him to be vunerable.

we ran through the trees for a bit, laughing like children, then we found a large boulder. i began to climb it, and, still holding hands, we scaled the large rock, and finally reached the top. we finally let go of each other's hand, and he sat down, gasping, still partly laughing. "juliet," he breathed. "where did you come from?"

i stood on the edge of the boulder and looked into the trees. "everywhere at once," i whispered.

beau inhaled deeply, and i felt him smiling. "really, juliet. i have to know."

i turned over my shoulder to look at him briefly, "i won't tell you," then turned back to the trees.

i heard him become frustrated. "no!" he halfway laughed, but the frustration was still there behind his voice. "you can't do that."

i whirled around to face him, my dress following in a circle. "i can do anything i want," i told him, grinning.

beau's face radiated skepticism. "oh, really," he scoffed.

i began to laugh. "yes!" i told him. "i can even fly!"

i raised my arms high over my head, closed my eyes, and let myself fall gracefully over backwards off the boulder.

"juliet!" beau screamed.

he scrambled down the side of the boulder, mostly falling, and breathlessly ran around to the front where he expected, i suppose, to find me, perhaps sprawled out


on the earth below him. he found no such thing. "juliet?" he whispered.

from underneath the shelf of the boulder in the shadows, i answered him. "come here, beau, i want to tell you something very beautiful."

i walked slowly through the woods, picking my way on the path, back to the red hand chapel. i carefully held my dress up above the dirt and rocks, as not to ruin it. i stopped, finding james in front of me. i faced the ground.

"i do not know if i have done the right thing," i told him.

james tipped my face up to see his lovely one. his almond eyes were deep and black and i loved him. "you are perfect," he said, his velvet voice purring.

together we walked back to the chapel.

the moon was falling in the sky.