The Chamille Story: Part 1

Hello, this is a story me and my friend Hello Kitty co-wrote (note: both authors had equal participation in the story, I'm just posting it under my name so don't think I wrote most of it just because I posted). It's very funky and insane, but aren't we all. Well, writing something is better than being bored, therefore I rest my case (don't ask). There are characters from everywhere thrown in just for the heck/humor of it! The authors would really appreciate it if ya gave us a review. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Okay, nuff said, so..ENJOY! ^_~ And please keep in mind that the authors had way too much sugar while they were writing this story, so that should explain the insanity!

Disclaimers: We do not own Little Mermaid, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hannibal, Zorro, Sailor Moon and any other copyrighted people I might have missed, so please don't sue us. Any events described in this story are fictional, and if by any chance they relate to something true or already written/copyrighted, it wasn't intended!

There was this girl named Chamille, she was an orphan and she ate too much pizza.
Then she got so fat; her classmates wanted to use her as a piñata. This boy named Ricky said: "No she's my love!" but they did anyway. They put her on a string, but it broke. Therefore, they took barbed wire instead. It just about worked. Until... Zorro came and rescued her. However, his horse died carrying her. They had to walk to where Zorro lived. So now, he used a tank to get there. He lived in Alabama. Nevertheless, the wheels on the tank crushed. Zorro walked while Chamille could only roll to Alabama. Therefore, a mechanic named Bob came to fix the wheels. They finally made it to Alabama. She created the Grand Canyon while on the way there. At Alabama, Zorro dressed up as Sailor Moon and sang a lullaby. Chamille decide to start her career as a cotton picker. She lost so much weight, Zorro decided to go back to being Zorro. Zorro thought she looked so good in her cotton picking dress, he wanted to see if she looked as good on his satin bed. So he spazed and married her, he was very traditional. Once they were married, Chamille was invited to her high school reunion. Therefore, she rode on an elephant to get there. When they got there, Chamille saw Ricky, the boy who used to like her. But now as he walked, he had Arabian dancers circling around him. So jealous of Zorro as he was, he took a big boulder and threw it on him. Zorro had a concussion and then amnesia. Zorro said: "Aaaaaaahhhhhh my finest hour!" and then was rushed to the hospital. Chamille, very saddened, took a camel and threw it at Ricky but it missed him.
With a wave of his hand, Ricky dismissed the dancers. Then, Hannibal came and said: "Bah," Hannibal took some of the pork-fried rice and shoved it in his mouth. He arranged it so it looked like the rice was his teeth. "Hello my beauty," he said to Chamille. Chamille gasped and ran to Ricky. The dancers gazed jealously form their 10-foot distance. Then...Chamille gave a squawk and was going home with Ricky. Ricky wasn't dumb, he was prepared. On his magical Band-Aid, he knew something was fishy. King Triton flew on the Band-Aid. "DO YOU KNOW WHERE MY DAUGHTER IS?" shrieked King Triton. Ricky, very scared said:"Why...yyyesss!" "WHERE!?" King Triton bellowed. "Give her back, I order it!" " about sushi?" Ricky questioned. "Not that you perverted dude,"yelped Triton. Chamille then screamed: "She swam up with Jack, they were going up his beanstalk last time I saw," "Yeah,"approved Ricky. King Triton vanished leaving Chamille and Ricky very frightened on their magical Band-Aid. Then, Ricky swallowed too hard and choked. TO BE CONTINUED…

Well wasn't that insane? Stay tuned for Part 2! Will King Triton realize that Ariel isn't really with Jack? Will Ricky stop choking? Will they ever make it to Ricky's house? Please review!

Moral of Part 1: It doesn't matter how much you eat for someone to still love you. By being a cotton picker, you can be engaged in a successful weight loss plan. ^_~