Under a Rock (For Lori)

A miner may mine a thousand mines,

A writer may write a thousand lines,

And still find themselves nothing of value

A mosquito may poke a thousand holes

A preacher may teach a thousand souls,

And still find nothing close to a virtue.

A reader may read a thousand books,

A lover may read a thousand looks,

And find only what they already knew.

I have written and preached,

And looked a reached,

Out to find where it went.

But the world one can scour

For hours and hours

And still never find


Is it under a rock,

In the sea near a dock

Where millions of fishies reside?

I’m sure its small as a mouse

Living under a house.

A truly wonderful place to hide.

Is it inside a tree,

And possessed by the wee

Gnomes who make home within?

Try to look in and see,

And you’ll hear, “Leave me be!

Cause I found it first, so I win!â€