Summery: Kale runs a zine panel at a writers festival, Mary E. looks for a new religion, Ross falls for someone Kale isn't too fond of, and Ethan accidentally agrees to do a comedy act for the KKK.

Kale slammed her locker shut and raised an eyebrow in Ross' direction in disapproval. "You're always meeting someone, and it's always over before you even know the guys last name."

"Like your life story is really that much better. Besides, this guy is different." Ross argued, using his usual political sound, despite that fact that he was talking about love.

Kale bit her lower lip, realizing he had a point. "Actually, I just got over a quite lasting relationship with Bill."

"Yeah. And you have an STD to show for your 'lasting relationship.'" Ross finished as Mary E. walked up behind Kale and put her arm over her shoulder.

"So that festival is this weekend, huh? What you got planned?" She asked casually.

Kale looked at Ross and signaled with her eyes that they'd have to finish this conversation later. She turned to Mary E. and answered "I'm running the zine panel on Saturday. Oscar's going to be there and so are a lot of other great zine writers. It's gonna be a lot of fun. You'll both be there, right?" She looked to both her friends with big puppy dog eyes.

"You know we will." Ross promised as they walked towards the line of RTA busses waiting to take them home.

"So..." Mary E. Started, "What do you actually... do... at a writers convention?"

"It's not a convention Mary E! It's a festival. This isn't sci-fi fandom here or we'd all be another 20 inches around the waist. It's a very sophisticated event to further my writing career." Kale corrected.

Ross laughed. "Right, Kale, because your zine is so sophisticated." He clasped his hands together and pulled them up next to his cheek, attempting to imitate a girl in lust, and said in a mocking high pitched tone "He's like a Greek God... only hot!"

Kale snorted. "No one's ever going to let me forget that my entire life, huh?"

"No, I don't think so. Sorry Kale, but you're doomed." Ross answered as he stepped onto his bus. "See you tomorrow!"

Some things I know: Never take anything wrapped in bubblewrap when you go babysitting. It's just not worth the $7/hour. Keys always hide in the bottom or side of the purse, while the checkbook levitates towards the top. Ross has said goodbye the same way when we get to the busses since the first day I met him. He waves, walks off, and says without looking back "See you tomorrow!"

Kale poured some milk into her glass and walked over to the table. She sat down next to her mother.

"Honey, Ethan has something to announce. Ok, Ethan go ahead." Kale's mom always seem to want to make it clear someone was going to speak before they actually did.

Ethan looked excited. He was smiling more than usual. What awful prank was he up to now?

"I've got a huge gig!" Hearing the word "gig" made Kale role her eyes. 5 minutes with an audience of 35 without ever making anyone laugh, if he could even open his mouth! Ethan continued, "I've got a half hour opening for some group in a few weeks!"

Kale's jaw dropped. "A half hour? You couldn't even pull off a 5 minutes set opening for a band!"

"Yeah, but some scout loved me!" Ethan yelled back at her. "Someone can appreciate real humour."

Kale's Father asked, "What group are you opening for?"

"I don't know... Something with a letter repeated 3 times..." Ethan tried to remember.

Kale couldn't help the joke. "The KKK?"

Rather than laughing, Ethan replied, "Yeah! I think that was it!"

Kale couldn't help it, but the milk she'd just sipped squirted out her noise and she just laughed without saying anything.

"What's so funny, punk?" Ethan yelled, but Kale just kept laughing.

Their Father coughed to get attention and asked his son, "Do you know who the KKK are?"

Ethan got a confused look on his face and turned to his Mother. "Mom...?"

"Well, it is common knowledge, honey..."

Kale couldn't hold it in much longer. "You're opening up for a god damned white supremacist group."

"Kale! Watch your language in this house!" Her father scolded her.

"A god damned what...?" Ethan repeated.

His mother just looked at him with sympathy. "Did you sign anything?" Ethan looked down a little, coughed, and nodded slightly.

Kale knew she had too much caffine at lunch, but she couldn't stop laughing. "You have to make jokes like 'What does BFI stand for?' And "What's worse than a gay black woman?'" Kale was satisfied that her brother had finally got himself into a mess he couldn't get out of.

Ethan slammed his fist on the table. "Dammit! This is the kind of thing that can ruin a persons career if it ever gets out! What would you say if you found out Jay Leno fought with Hitler during world war I?"

"I would wonder why Hitler was fighting in the first world war and be proud ot Jay for being able to fight a war as an unborn baby!" Kale answered.

"You know what I meant."

"No, Ethan, what did you mean?" Kale snapped back.

Then suddenly, Kale saw her brother cry for the first time. "God, do you know what this could do to my career? Mom, Dad, you don't even seem to care and for God' sake Kale is just mocking me! This is like the highlight of her week so far!" Then he stormed upstairs yelling swear words behind him.

Cheese Flavoured Moment: Seeing Ethan cry like that actually made me feel bad for him for once. Seeing that my brother is a human being with human emotions was almost enough to make me cry with him. Then again, sometimes even I like to smash the cheese with cleated shoes! Hahaha Ethan cried!

Kale walked past Ross' locker on her way to math class, and she just had to tell him all about Ethan. "Guess what Ethan's getting $500 to do?"

Ross shruged, not really intrested in it.

"He's doing a comedy act for the KKK. Can you believe that?" Kale still hadn't gotten over it.

"Don't they hate gays?" Ross jumped to respond, "Not to mention blacks, and probably women too... Why's he doing that?"

"That's the best part." Kale answered. "He didn't even know who they were when he agreed. Now he has to a half hour set of black, women jokes!"

Ross looked somewhat relieved. "Well, at least he doesn't believe in that bullshit."

Kale laughed. "You never know with him."

Ross looked a little distrupt, so Kale changed the subecjt. "Anyway, tell me more about this guy you met!"

"Acutally I've known him for a while."

"Really? Do I know him? What's his name?" Kale was sudenly intreguied.

Ross hesititaed. "Ethan."

Kales jaw dropped. "What?"

Ross suddenly burst out in laugher. "Oh, damn Kale! You should have seen your face!"

Kale looked confsued. "Wait, so that was supposed to be a joke?"

"Yeah." Ross was still unable to control his laughter. "Now that was a Kodak moment."

Kale laughed a little, but wasn't too convinced it was funny since she was the victim. "You had me so scared there! So, seriously, who is it?"

Ross stopped laughing eventually and went back on topic. "You don't know him. His name's Mike."

Kale shrugged in satiffaction. "Just so long as it's not Ethan! God, what are you trying to do? Give me a heart attack?"