Brenna sat down on the bed in the hotel miles away from home. The digital clock next to the uncomfortable bed said it was 9:27 PM. She suddenly stopped to think of how she had gotten here. It had taken a couple of days to escape. Not from a prison or a hospital or anything like that, but from her home. Though she would not really consider it a home, just where she had lived all of her life.
She wasn't happy there. She could hardly remember the last time she had been happy there. How long ago was that? She was only seventeen now, that had to be about eight or nine years ago... ten maybe? No, it had been more like twelve. When she was about five years old. As Brenna lay down on the bed, she remembered when she had once been happy.

It was a chilly night in October, Halloween to be exact. It was getting dark outside and she had somewhere to be.
"Brenna, get back here right now! You can't leave without your jacket, it's cold out there!" her mother yelled out the front door.
But she ran off. She found her way down the street to Emma's house. Emma was her best friend in the whole wide world. Brenna was already wearing her costume. She was dressed like a fairy and Emma was going to be wearing the exact same thing. They had been planning on going trick-or-treating together for what seemed like forever. Brenna knocked on the front door. A few seconds later Emma burst through it in a mess of glitter, with one of her wings on.
"Hold on," she said, out of breath, "We have to take my stupid brother with us." Both girls frowned at the thought. Brandon was four whole years older than them. Even though Brenna had always liked him, he was a boy.
She waited in the front yard as Emma went back inside to get Brandon. Brenna sat down on the grass. It was kind of wet and she hopped back up. She looked up at the sky and saw something. What was that thing called again? She was having a hard time remembering, not being a very bright kid. But it was big and shiny and it made the sky glow. She thought it looked like a big silver dollar or something of the moon? Yeah, that's it. But who cares about that? It was Halloween and she was going to get some candy.

Brenna sat up quickly in the bed. She didn't like the fact that she had let her mind wander so far away. She didn't like to remember Emma and Brandon. She didn't like to remember anything that had happened to her in the past. Besides, she was wasting time. Already the clock read 10. She must have fallen asleep. Even though Brenna was exhausted, she had no time for sleep. She needed to think about what she was going to do next. Although she already knew what was probably going to happen. How did she ever get this far? She still couldn't figure that one out. She was surprised and a little disappointed that no one had found her yet.

It was three days earlier. Brenna had been watching some pointless television show when they stopped everything to make an announcement. She was expecting something stupid the president had to say, but she was in for a surprise. It was the local news, with a "shocking story." Brenna rolled her eyes thinking it was probably just another robbery at the small bank nearby. But before she could turn off the tv, something caught her attention.
".. and she was only seventeen. It's just a shame that someone had to die that young," she heard the voice say. What? She turned her attention back to the television. What she saw next nearly gave her a heart attack. Emma's picture was there, and a man was talking about how she had been killed earlier that day by her boyfriend.
Brenna couldn't think. Emma? Her best friend since preschool? How could that happen? This was impossible. Then it hit her hard and she couldn't stop crying. Apparently her mother had been watching it in the other room because she walked in crying.
"I'm so sorry," she cried. Brenna couldn't even speak. Emma was her only friend in the whole wide world. What was she going to do without her? No one else understood her or even cared about her. Her parents were probably just pretending.
The day of the funeral came, and Brenna could not make herself go. She didn't want to see a dead Emma, she wanted the old Emma back. She didn't want to remember her only friend that way.
"But don't you want to go?" her mother had asked her. "It's your last chance to see her ever again."
This only made Brenna feel worse. "No, I don't want to see her like that, I would rather die myself," she sobbed. She ran to her room and slammed the door. When she knew her parents had left she walked outside. Brenna wanted to get away from this place. She didn't want to live down the street from Emma's house anymore. She made up her mind. She walked inside, took her mother's car keys that she found lying on the table, and left. It took everything she had not to look at Emma's house as she drove by. And then she was on her way.

So here she was now. At a hotel in some town no one had ever heard of, all alone. As she felt the tears trying to escape her eyes she looked back at the clock. 10:30. Brenna had to stop remembering things and really think. Where could she go? What was she going to do? She had no friends, she wasn't going back to family, and she knew of no one else in the whole world. Well, there was Brandon. He had to be about twenty-two by now. In fact, she had seen him yesterday. He had moved away from home four years ago, and barely kept in touch with his family. He couldn't keep a job and he seemed to just wander around everywhere.

It was just yesterday when she had seen him on the side of the road and gave him a ride. She was about thirty minutes from home when she had seen someone walking all alone. She thought he looked familiar, and as she passed him by, she saw him look up at the car and wave. She stopped and rolled down the window.
"Hey! I haven't seen you in a long time!" he shouted enthusiasticly.
"Yeah, it's been a while, hasn't it?" Brenna said, trying not to let the tears come back. He couldn't have known about Emma yet, and she didn't want to be the one to tell him. "You want a ride?"
He got in the car and leaned over to give her a hug. "So how are you, and how's my little sister?" he said, smiling.
Brenna forced a smile." I'm alright, I don't know about Emma." 'I wish I didn't know about her,' she thought. But she made herself tell him about how they had just gone shopping the other day and how they were planning on going to the same college. He seemed happy to hear everything.
"So what are you doing way out here?" he finally asked. He looked concerned. After all, Brenna was a little further from home than usual.
"Oh, I was just driving around.." she trailed off. Her face must have given her away, because Brandon got quiet.
"Is something wrong?" he asked, looking her right in the eye. "You don't have to tell me, but I would listen."
"Oh, it's nothing," Brenna said, wiping away one little tear. "Just some.. family problems," she quickly made up a lie.
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out. Hey, can I get out right here?" he said in one quick breath. Brenna looked around but there was nothing around she thought was worth stopping for, just some trees.
"Sure... Well I'll see you later, bye.." she said as he nearly jumped out of the car and yelled, "Later."

And that was the last time she ever saw Brandon. The things and people she loved always seemed to slip away from her somehow. And so she had decided to take herself away from everyone and everything that loved her. It was now past eleven o'clock. Brenna reached into her purse. She felt the cold metal and shivered. 'Maybe someone will miss me,' she thought. And then it was all over.