hey excuse me, could you move please?

who me?

no, the invisible person standing beside you.


i know.

where should i go?

i don't know, just away. i'm trying to do something here.

what are you trying to do?

are you always so nosy?

i'm not nosy. you started this conversation.

i'm just doing something you don't need to be involved in.

ok, so you want me to move out of your way.


but where should i go so that i don't get in your way?

over there?

is that a question?


i know.

you should move away from me.

ok, is this better?

no, you're still in my way.

what do you want me to do?

i want you to move farther away.

but i can't get any farther away than this.

how is that possible?

what do you mean?

i still see you, as if you were in my way.

i am in your way, apparently.

so move out of my way!

i can't.

why not?

i can't move any farther away from you than this.

the wall?

the wall.

so try the other wall.

like this?

are you as close to the wall as you can get?

yes, of course.

you're still in my way.

this is frustrating.

more frustrating to me.

i'm still in your way.


what are you going to do about it?