Author's Note. This is from a Christian point of view. It is also not "nice". It is most likely true, but it is not nice. Here's the warning.

The Wretched Condition of Man

O man, how wretched is thy condition.

For thou art born in vanity and darkness, yet

perceive it not.

O how heavy should thine heart be

Should not thine tears fill the whole world?

For all, all thou art born in darkness and do

not know the Light.

O, for we have forsaken the Light, hath

killed its being, and stopped the step of its


Yea, for the Light hath tried to lend its

life to men.

But thou, O wretched man, hath blown out that

Light with a mighty and forceful wind.

Indeed, O man-thou knowest what thou hast

done, yet thou claimest ignorance.

Surely thou hast seen the Light, and yet your

lips move, saying "What light is this? We know no

light. It is nothing but myth and fables."

O man, thou knoweth, thou knoweth well, and

even thy heart convicteth you.

But thou, O man, thou art a fool.

Thou thinkest if you say enough "I know not, I

know not" the Master of Truth shall believe thy foul


It is not so.

And even in His mercy that Truth shall uproot

thy lies so that not even thou art deceived by thine

own lies.

That is, for a little while He shall help thee.

Then that Truth shall give thee up to thine damned

lies and treachery.

And then, O foolish and wretched man, thou shalt die.

Thou shalt perish utterly for thy foolishness, and

thy darkness, and thy vanity.

But, O man, do thou from thy foolishness comprehend

the grief of this matter?

No, I say, thou shalt not, for thine eyes are

blinded, thine heart is hardened, and thine ears are

forever stopped up.

The grief is that every man begins as such.

No, not one escapeth the curse of man.

One did, but truthfully, He was not only man, but

Truth also.

But the Truth and the Light reacheth out and toucheth


Yea, the Light is Love and He is merciful to man,

most wretched of all Creation.

For he was nearly the highest, and lo, the depths he

hath fallen!

Surely the Light reacheth out to touch man.

And few, few respond-but blessed are they


But, O wretched man, thou hath loved thy darkness

above Light, thy lies above Truth, and thy

wretchedness above Love.

So cursed be thou for thy foolery! Wilt thou not

arise from thy vile condition? Wilt not thou shed

thy vanity? Wilt thou not embrace the Truth rather

than lies and Light before the darkness?

No, I say, thou shalt not.

Thou willingly walketh into damnation, holding thy

head up with pride.

For thou art a fool, O man, a fool who will not learn


For thou, the fool, hath learned the price of wisdom.

Thou knoweth that with wisdom thou shalt also buy


And to have wisdom and understanding thou will then

cast out the lies, cast out the darkness, and cast

out thy wretched condition.

For this knowledge, O man who is a fool, thou hath

been given.

It hath been written upon thine heart.

So, O man, thou feareth wisdom, thou feareth what

understanding shall say unto you.

Because thou hast been a fool and dead for so long,

thou shrinketh from wisdom and from Life.

So this, O man is thy wretchedness.

This is thy foolishness.

This is thy vanity and thy darkness.

This is thy curse, O man, for thou would rather be

cursed than blessed.

We are wretched indeed for that we could step out of

our wretchedness and yet we do not.