You've heard the story of Bonnie and Clyde. I'm sure they told you about all the people we killed. All the things we stole. There are plently of things, though, things they never told you.

You've heard Eminem use myself and Clyde as a comparision to a cold-blooded murder. If there's one thing they never told you, it's that we never killed anybody out of cold blood. The first murder that the Barrow Gang could be called at fault for, was an accident made by Ray Hamilton when I was miles away. Thing is, after that all that was left to do was run. We weren't going to die then and we weren't going to jail. The only thing we could do was fight. And we carried guns.

The story you know is full of holes. The only justice we ever got was a violent Hollywood versian of what our lives were probably like. Unless you've been subjected to it, you don't know about the people we didn't kill.

The most important thing you might have never known, were it not for my telling you, was how much I loved Clyde and how much he loved me. He was all the mattered whenever I was around him, and he seemed even more sucnificant when he was gone. We were each other's whole words. So you see, the law took everything from both of us. The only we had left was one another. Time and time again we risked out lives for each other, but we knew all along that we'd both go down together.