AN: I feel so sorry for the Rabbit that never gets Trix. Poor thing!

Disclaimers: I don't own Trix, nor the Rabbit. I do own the idea of Bob and my slippers that make me get shocked every time I flick a light switch. Ouch!

Why should anyone be doomed to this life?

Living with no name

Being called

Even Silly Rabbit

Or The Rabbit

All the time

My name is Bob

And I want Trix

I never get them

Those mean kids say no

Trix are for kids

But what if I am a kid rabbit?

No, I still don't get it

I can surf

I can sing

I can skate

I can do so much

I can't get Trix

I need it

Thery are so tasty

But the producers say

We sell more

If you don't get Trix

So what if Trix are for kids

I need them

Gimme Trix!