Long, long time ago

Once when we were all young

How my heart yearns for yours

All my friends I’ve had so long

Who would have thought

We’d ever part?

Yet, even as the moon

Changes from old to new

We age and lose company

You, my friends I’ve loved

We played so long

In the gym, field, and pool

So many years spent

Playing cards at lunch

And one by one

You all left, until there was

Only me

Others came, some good, some bad

But never the same

This is why I mourn for you

Though we are still young

And quite far from harm

I cry for friendships

We can never have again

Though I may see you

Sometime next week

Too much time has passed

Since we played

To be ever that young anymore

Even if you think

Of me ever again

In jest many years from now

Always I shall remember you

In my heart and dreams

And in this poem

So I will remember

Lest my mind should forget

And if the Blue Fairy

Should grant me my one wish

It would be to have one day

With all of you again

Just like it used to be