Today Is Just Another Day

(Grandpa's Song)

Verse 1

Now your on your own...alone in this little town

Everyone else is wrapped up in their own little lives

It doesn't matter about us anymore...

You were lost and confused but you finally unwound

What could've happened that i couldn't see?

I'd just like to say goodbbye on this last night

There's no way this can be happening...

Why did this have to happen to me?


Why were you taken up away to Heaven?

You might be in a better place but not here with me

It's not fair that it had to be you...

And today is just another day that we never expected to see

Grandfather...why was it you?Just tell me this again

It's all my fault...why could I have said?

Verse 2

I have pictures of you to remind me of the good times...

I thought God was good to me,until this day came

I think to myself,What could I have done?

All I need is the sound of your love filled name...

That name is a sacred piece of my heart that will never die

I lay in my room and cry tear-less

But I think of how you would want me to feel...

I never knew that God would decieve me and lie...

Repeat Chorus(X 2)

Mommy and daddy said life was everlasting...I guess not