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Beauty and the Beast

Main Characters & Prologue

Lynne: The main character.

Jamie: Lynne's best friend.

Josh: Lynne's crush.

There. Now you know the main-er characters. Happy happy joy joy!

:: :: :: :: ::

"Class! Class! Settle down!" The teacher shouted over the noise that the students were making. "I'm supposed to tell you guys what part everyone got in our class play." She said, after the class had took their seats.

"Okay. Now, as you all know, everyone did very good on the auditions. If you didn't get the part that you wanted, don't be offended! Every part is important."

The class groaned.

"Just get on with it, Ms. McKee!" A blond guy yelled. Ms. McKee cleared her throat and began.

"For the dog stool, Justin gets the part." She paused as the class applauded for a short student who stood up and bowed.

"For Lumier, the candle, Peter!" Everyone applauded again. So on went the list until the teacher reached Belle. The whole class stopped talking instantly.

"Belle will be played by…" Ms. McKee started. "Lynne!" A girl in the back of the room jumped up and screamed.

"Oh my GOD! I got the part! I got the part!" She squealed and danced. The class erupted into laughter and applauses. Lynne suddenly stopped and blushed for the sudden outburst. She then coughed and took her seat.

"Ahem. Now. The beast will be played by…" Again the class quieted. Ms. McKee squinted at the character listings.

"Who is it?!" A girl screeched.

"Ahh, yes. The beast will be Josh."

:: :: :: :: ::

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