My loved one

I have loved you vast beyond the stars,
seeking to find my love one far and far.
It appears that I cannot find you anywhere near,
But I have discovered that you were always here.
I finally found you, and I love you so,
it is so hard for me to ever let go.
I cannot live without you I need you in my life,
A life full of trust and without strife.
You sustain me with love and care.
You are someone who will always be there.
I would not die for you, because you are the reason I live,
you give me confidence and a lot to give.
But now you do not want me anymore,
You were the one that I truly adored.
inside my heart there is so much pain
my sunshine in my life has turned into rain.
I say goodbye to you I will hold you in my memories,
Memories to keep in my heart and lock it with a key.