This is for Wan Ru - for being a cool sis!


Do you think
I feel happy and victorious
As I hold your struggling being tight
And drain your body dry?

Do you think me
A cruel Botticelli angel of the night
That I rejoice in your tearful pleas
And laugh at your heartfelt prayers?

Do you know
That with every drop I take
Of that crimson elixir for survival
My dead heart cries; my blood tears flow?

I admit:
I am too cowardly to go into the sun
To end these tormenting nights of feeding
On innocents lured by the pale striking youth.

Two hundred years ago,
I did not ask to be
Changed into this beautiful immortal,
To lose my future and loved ones in one fateful night.

My heart may have stopped; my features eternally conserved,
But have you ever thought that
Inside, I am still unchanged
That I abhor myself as much as you do?

So pray tell me,
You naive foolish mortals
Did you think I asked to become this monster? Remember-
I was once human too.