The sudden outbursts of rain and hail,

Ice and snow on water and on shore,

The wind so cold, begins to howl and wail,

Winter weather has come knocking at out door.

The sun is so ever rarely seen,

If it shows, it does not bring much heat,

The clouds have taken over and they are mean,

The just sit all day in their cloudy seats.

The weather is bleak and storms arouse,

Waters are rising and things are dying,

We have heat in the warmth of our own house,

The weather is so bad, the world is sighing.

The wet, wild winter weather is not to stay,

Soon spring will come and we can go out to play.

This poem is my own. If there is something vaguely similar – tough cookies (just don't sue). -_-;; R/R if you want. Anything is accepted. ,