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A/N: This is the first entry of Antonia’s diary. The date is a real date by the way; I’ll have more to say at the end of the chapter.



My name is Antonia, Toni for short. It’s my birthday today, which’s where I got this diary. I’ve never kept one before. This is pretty though, purple velvet so I’ll try.

My name is Antonia Marie Shaw in case you need to know. I live with my mother and her 3rd husband, my 2nd stepfather. My proper brother is Sam (Samuel) and my proper sister is Sam (Samantha) but we call her Anthea now, she likes it. We never see our father except at the graveyard; he’s dead you see. We had 2 evil stepsisters (we still see sometimes, more later.) called Karen and Zara but they’re gone now, along with the abusing stepfather Mike. This one, Karl, is all right. He has his children David, Peter and Beth. So living here now is: Toni, Sam, Anthea, David, Peter and Beth. PLUS: My half brother from mum’s last marriage (mum and Mike) Billy and my twin half sisters from this marriage, Lilly and Lissy. I have writer’s cramp now! More later.

~* Toni *~

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