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A/N: Well it's Christmas day for Toni, but is it a Merry Christmas?

December 25th 2001- Christmas

Well Merry Christmas for me. It's about 3:30 and we were having Christmas lunch at 3. The police came to the door and asked to see Sam on suspicion of using illegal drugs. I wouldn't be so upset if I thought they were lying but I know they're not because earlier this week in his room I found some white powder hidden away in a pair of shoes. In a bag of course, I hadn't written it down here because I was afraid of somebody snooping.

This happens a lot to me BETH.

I feel more sorry for mum than I do for Sam. It's Christmas and she's in a total state about it, she's still crying in her room now. Karl and mum yelled at Anthea so she's stormed off to her boyfriend's with an overnight bag.

Billy and the twins are down for a nap.

David took Peter and Bethany out for ice cream and to see Santa at a supermarket nearby; they asked if I wanted to come but I said "no".

What did I get for Christmas? A lot of make-up (goody!) a load of clothes from Anthea and CD's from Peter and Beth. David and Sam got me £10 and Billy and the twins got me some cuddly toys. Hey, I may be 13 but you're never to old for cuddly toys!

I'm going to go down to the police station later on my own and see if they'll let me see him. I might forge mum's signature onto a note but then showing that to the police is a bit stupid, it's like committing a crime to be caught! If they didn't catch it at all and excepted it.I'd be laughing.


I'm laughing!

They fell for it, I can't believe it! I went in to see him and he wasn't too happy to say the least. "Bugger off Toni. That stupid excuse for my family is no good and that includes you." Is what he said exactly. At that moment I burst into tears. "Sam shut up! What have you got yourself into? You could be in here for like 10 years! Mum's a wreck. What if you actually are doing drugs? They could kill you, idiot!" I yelled.

He glared at me and handed me a note. "Anthea gave this to an officer."

Samuel, You know how much I hate drugs. It's got to be the worse thing possible to do, you could die and it doesn't just effect you. I don't need you. I've got Nathan. Think about Toni. She looks up to you and I swear if you hurt her, I'll kill you. If you have been doing drugs you deserve to rot in jail and you can no longer call me your sister. If you haven't you should think awfully hard about the 'friends' that dumped you in this. Your sister (?) Samantha.

When I finished reading it I looked around at the cell he was in, it was horrible. It stunk and it was cold, hard and cruel. Worse than what you see on TV because it's real. How Could Anthea say that to him? Fair enough she was standing up for me but he needs support.

"I'll come and see you soon Sam. I have to go." I ran out of the place holding back tears with the note still clutched in my hand. I spent the rest of the afternoon at my dad's grave and mum had a right go at me when I came back.

Stuff her. Stuff Samantha. Stuff Samuel. Stuff the whole damn lot of them!


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