This is about the dumb butt FCAT.

CTBS Revised

Tame the cat it says

But what is there to tame?

It’s Children’s Torture Before Summer revised

It’s a devil in disguise

It’s nothing to tame.

The cat is wild and unmanageable

It’s a tiger on the hunt.

It’s a lioness on the prowl.

They expect us to abide

They expect us to know

We’ve never heard of most of the lame expectancies

We should rebel!

What greets us in succession

Three bright mornings in a row

Is the bane of our existence.

Do well or fail in life! They say

We’re being BRAINWASHED!

I say

Don’t fall into sink

Don’t let your brain fill with foam

Take the cat in stride.

Do your best but don’t commit.

The cat still lies in waiting…