1 A Magical Creature

Fairies are told to be beautiful creatures,

That lives in new flowers and love to sing.

Are they real or are they not,

This is just the beginning of her mysterious plot.

I was told that they could fly on marvelous wings,

That are as bright as a lake in the morning sunshine.

Have you ever heard this tale,

Told by so many?

Of magnificent goddesses that are of so plenty,

I have been told and soon shall you.

Of the sneaky fairies,

That have wrapped their fingers around her.

She gave them life,

But cannot truly take it away.

For they can live forever,

In the hearts that are white as rain.

Now listen dear,

Of this tale of the fairies that you have heard before.

For I can only tell it once,

And never more.

They were born from the earth by her,

Some think they are by mankind’s sin.

If you believe those kind of things,

It’s up to you to decide if my tale is true.

Now let us begin...

By: Sara aka Serendipity