This story is dead-i-cated to all those, god's speed.

Monkey wake up in morning with ants in eyes and hair brush in hell, moneky know it tuesday cus monkey know all. How come monkey know all, me tell you! Long, long, long, ago monkey was trapped in cage, monkey used to shoot himself to pass the time. One day monkey saw a big man in a white coat that feed him many pills. The pills were so good that monkey ate them all, then he felt bad in brain. Monkey began to scream and ram face into wall. Man in white coat laughed at monkey until man in white coat melted into nothing. Monkey no longer wanted to exist in cage so he used his mind to escape, the pills made monkey remember everything that had happned since world began. Then monkey woke up and knew it tuesday, then he exploded, stupid piece of shit moneky! SO FUCKING STUPID!