We fight
We argue
We never get alone
You act like you don't care
When I'm with other guys
But I want you to
Because I like you so much
I guess we're over
I'd still love to be with you
You're all I think about
And cry about
I think I'm medically depressed
Sitting here listening to our song
Writing a poem you'll never read
I wonder why I don't just do it
Kill myself
Maybe then ... you would care
About me
About what you put me through
I can't stop crying
All I do is think about you
Sitting here
Taking hours to write this
Because I stop to think about our good times
Give it all away
To have someone to come home to
These used to be our words
And are now my knives
I can't stop thinking about you
What the hell is wrong with me?
I just want to touch you again
Kiss you again
Feel you again
Talk to you again
You play me off like we're just friends
I can't take that
Just a little hello in the halls and that's it
No, that can't be it
Because I'll sink deeper and deeper
Until I'm gone
The only way to save me now
Is to have you back
I want you back
Please come back ...
Save me.