The Flowers

I was sitting in the field
I was sitting all alone
Then I saw the flowers,
Hundreds of beautiful flowers

I Thought I might take one
I sought to admire one
But Then I saw the other flowers
Hundreds of other flowers

I searched for the best one
I looked for the most beautiful
But each one seemed the best,
Not looking at the other flowers

I almost found the right flower
It seemed the best of all
But then I saw the faded flowers
Hundreds of faded flowers

I wanted to take a flower
I wanted to preserve a flower
But if I picked one it would fade
And be one of the useless flowers

I saw others pick flowers
I saw them enjoy it
But then the flowers died
They didn't care for their flowers

I wanted to care for a flower
I wanted to tend a flower
But I did not know how
Hundreds of spare flowers

I couldn't take a flower
I didn't want them to fade
But I decided to go to the gardener,
Who knows all the flowers

And so I went to him
I was very happy at myself
But then I awoke
Where are the flowers?