Rona: Okay then time to explain things and what this is about then.

Lets see then umm Taro M.D is doing a fic (well it is what did you think it was a house?) called Fantasy Of Enraya and your truly is in it. But back to why this is been done it’s my POV on the thing okay that and I can’t sleep and I’m battling old people tomorrow to go shopping (the walking sticks hurt) But anyway lets get this thing typed and going. And BTW I don’t own the plot never have never will I own myself and that’s it oh and Luna.

It started just like any other day I got up fell over Luna my dog got dressed for school and got on the train nothing out of the ordinary happened while I was at school just chatting to Rachel and Russ about going shopping in the afternoon. And were we were going for our 4 day weekend. In the end we decide to travel to the Isle of White by travelling by train then ferry. All day I had this funny feeling like something was going to happen but when we were let out of school early due the labs blowing up the feeling went. We went shopping but when we were chatting I got this funny feeling someone or something was watching me but I shrugged it off and carried on shopping. And that funny feeling was back again “ Okay this is getting odd now maybe I’m ill or something â€