Don't Get the Flu

There once was a girl who had the flu
Her pet cat had it too
She went to the doctor
He laughed and mocked her
So she decided to sue

The doctor was called Dr. Kinlad
Being sued made him very mad
He grabbed a rat
And made it bite the cat
The bite was seriously bad

Sadly, the doctor was also the vet
And the only one in all of Kirret
The cat was dying as well as the girl
Until a hospital was built in a whirl
They were rushed to it while they lived yet
And stayed there 'til they'd run up a great debt

Now the girl was thoroughly poor
So she went home and opened the door
But then she saw that there was nothing left
And shrieked, "Oh, no! There's been a theft!"
She felt like she wanted to start a war!

"I'll phone the police," she thought
So now a phone she sought
She hadn't a penny
And couldn't find any
With anguish, she cried, "Oh, rot!"

Then she thought of a great plan
"I'll just go talk to a policeman!"
So she hurried off
But they were all sick with the cough
She yelled with annoyance and home she ran

She passed the house of Dr. Kinlad
Inside, she saw, that he had
Her chairs and tables and books and things
Set in a manner solely for kings
Now she was seriously mad

She was madder than all of her rages
"I'd love to lock him up in the strongest of cages
Throw the key in the ocean"
But she had a slight notion
"I may be able to get his wages"

She was concerned when the police returned
For she had learned
That they were on the doctor's side
"If only I could beat his hide," she cried
So she bought a whip and turned