We will Fly

There have been times I wished,

That there was someone out there,

Who’d spare the time to be there,

Whenever I needed her.

There have been times I’ve wished,

For some music in my life.

For the music of love to bring,

Me through the pain and strife.

And here I stand among the ruins of love,

Searching for the one,

The one who’ll bring me through the clouds forever.

And we will fly,

Forever through the skies,

Through the darkness and the light,

And together make things right.

And we will soar,

And escort freedom into our door,

And while I dream,

This’ll be reality.

Don’t wanna feel the cold anymore,

I’m tired of being thrown about the floor,

There must be something I can do,

To find You.

There have been times,

When all I wanted was the truth.

Where honesty prevailed,

Over what you wanted for you.