Dear heart,

When twilight dances with the rain

A somnolent, misty veil

To weep with a joy fused with pain

Over visions so surreal

In dreams of you, so filled with dread

Of chilly, starless nights

Of all those Memories we never had

Then wake when reality bites.

The white noise whispering in my ear

Is my mind calling your name

A silent voice you never hear

My own scarred mind I maim

With acid thoughts of you reading me

Those two dark flecks in one eye

Each one a magical galaxy

Each a blackhole in my sky

The thrashing leaves, a beaming sun

An ethereal you floats away

Bittersweet tears on the web I've spun

Of your shadows, fading to grey

A susurration in the wind

Sings of times long past

A tribute to a friend, an end

Goodbye, dear heart, at last.