"What will her name be?" Asked the nurse.

"Her name will be...Chloe..." The mother said proudly.

"Cute name for a cute kid." The father said.

The mother just rolled her eyes. "Thank you, dear."

"Mommy," a little boy of about 3 looked up, "is that my baby sister?"

"Yes, sweetheart, yes. This is your new baby sister. Promise me you'll always take good care of your baby sister."

The boy nodded solemnly. "I promise, Mommy. No matter what, I'm always gonna love and care for my baby sister."

Everybody in the room awed.

"Thank you, baby, thank you. Your father and I really appreciate that promise. And we're going to make sure you always hold true to that promise."

"I'll hold true to my promise forever. I have a baby sister. That means I have to take care of her. I have to love her and make sure she says well." He vowed.

The mother looked at him with such compassion in her eyes that a tear ran down her face.
"Let's hope that our baby boy never forgets this moment in his life, Tom."

"We won't let him, Carol, I promise."