They finally arrived at the b-ball courts. But Rihana doesn't seem to mind. She's a pretty patient person. Sometimes. It's a bit hard to play basketball when you don't exactly have two good legs, but Chloe makes do. About 10 minutes into their game two guys sauntered on to the court.

'Ooh... They are FINE! OMG! They're coming over here! Ooh the blonde is pretty cute.' Chloe thought.

"Hey, the tall one is kinda cute!" Rihana whispered excitedly to her as the boys strolled over to them.

"I know!" Chloe whispered back. She gasped. "Ooh they're coming over here. Act normal!" She giggled.

Rihana tossed the ball in the basket making swish as it went in.

"Ooh. Nice shot, hun!"

"Thanks. Here, your turn." Rihana handed the ball to Chloe as the boys walked up.

"Hey, mind if we play with you?"

"Oh, well you and Re can play. I think I'll just sit out and watch." Chloe replied.

"Well we can play one on one. There're two sides of the court ya know." The tall brunette said.

"It's okay, I don't mind. Besides, I'm not a very good player." She gestured to herself and sat down on the bleachers.

A little while later the blonde came up to Chloe and sat down beside her.

"Hey, you a look kind of bored."

"Well… I kinda am." She admitted.

"I'm Brian."

"Hey, Will! Quit flirting with the hot chick you're sitting next to and come play some b-ball with me! We didn't come here to flirt, but play some ball! I how hot these chicks are, but lets play some ball!" The brunette yelled from the court.

Chloe and Rihana blushed simultaneously. 'Oh my gosh! They called just called me hot!' was written all over their faces.

Brian cringed. "I told you to NEVER call me that! My name is NOT Will! It's Brian!" He yelled back. "Sorry," he turned back to Chloe.

She smiled at him.

"C'mon, Willy!" The tall one teased.

Brian cringed again. "Ahh that's it Jake-y, I'm gonna get you!" Brian rushed over to his friend and tackled him to the ground.

Both boys laughed, as they play wrestled. The girls watched on in amusement.

"I thought you guys came to play basketball." Rihana asked, amused.

The brunette sat up. "Well, we did. I mean I had to get him off me somehow." He replied. "By the way, my name's Jake." Jake reached up and shook Rihana's hand.

Rihana almost fainted. Jake was about 5'10, had the most gorgeous emerald green eyes Rihana ever saw, and appeared strong. Jake reached down then up and pulled off the sweatshirt he was wearing since it had been cool when he got there, lifting up his shirt in the process, showing off his six-pack and nicely tanned skin. 'Damn,' Rihana thought, 'he even has a six-pack!' His spiky, deep brown hair made him look even more mature than he actually was.

He blinked as he stared off into space, suddenly snapping out of his thoughts, shaking his head. "Well, Willy, are we gonna play ball or just sit here on the hard cement all day?"

Brian glowered at the taller boy. "I told you my name is not Willy! It's Brian! Jacob!"

Jake held his hands up in surrender. "Fine. BRIAN. Are we just gonna sit here on the cement on all day or play some b-ball?!"

Brian grinned. "I think I'll play some b-ball. Let's see if you can beat the master!"

Jake scoffed. "Please. You know as well as I do, that I am the master!" He said proudly, puffing out his chest.

The girls just giggled. Rihana walked to Chloe and sat down next to her. They whispered, giggling with each other as they watched the boys try to show off. Finally Rihana pulled Chloe off the bench declaring they "needed to show the boys how to play basketball."

Brian was about Rihana's height (which was 5'7) with sandy blonde hair, gorgeous baby blue eyes, the cutest grin Chloe ever saw, a six-pack—Chloe saw it when the boys were wrestling—he was just as strong as Jake and even cuter than Jake.

Chloe threw the basketball in and it made a swish sound as it went in. Chloe grinned at Rihana. "Yup, I think these boys have a lot to learn about how to play basketball," she said with a hint of mischievousness sparkling in her eyes.

Rihana grinned back. "That's EXACTLY what I was tryin' to tell ya, Chloe!" The same sparkle glinting Rihana's eyes. She picked up the ball, cleared it, and made a clean swoosh. "So, Chloe, what do you say we teach Jake and Brian how to play basketball?"

The boys looked at the girls, shocked.

"Dude, they are NOT gonna try to US how to play basketball…right?!" Jake asked, looking at Brian.

"I don't think so, because WE are the MASTERS of b-ball! What do you say we teach them how to REALLY play basketball?" Brian responded a hint of evil present in his voice.