Death Dance
We run through the forest
Trees whispering, "Hurry! Hurry!"
Leaping rocks, ducking low branches
Rushing water urging us along
The trees part at the water's edge
Waves lapping at our feet
We jump across from stone to stone
The familiar old trail ends at the center of the lake
Sea grass waving anxiously
We whirl together in a dance
Laughter drifting hauntingly through the fog
Hands clasping each other's tightly
Come, come to us
I will never let go
I command you to come forth
But her fingers loosen
Come, come quickly
She falls backwards into the water
My daughters
Her silent lips bidding me a sorrowful goodbye
Join me
I grasp hopelessly, helplessly at her disappearing hand
The last bubble of air exploding at the surface
Far below, through the crystal clear water, I can see the clean-picked bones of my mother and my twin.