Split Personality

She hated them all. With all their new clothes, $2000 shoes and perfumes so expensive that she wasn't even allowed to smell them. They hated her back. Now sitting in her homeroom class on the first day of school she felt like an outsider. Just like a tiger with no stripes. Bare and alone. She rested her head against the cold desk and daydreamed. That's what she did a lot lately. She daydreamed about faeries and angels. She usually woke up screaming. Nobody knew what Angelica was going through. Her dad worked long hours to make up for the fact that Angelica's mother had decided to leave them. She's an angel now, Angelica thought. But do angels commit suicide? Angelica's teacher is talking about the different courses that they will focus on. Angelica doesn't care anymore. It's as if everything she ever worked for was gone. She always tried to make her mom proud and now look where her mom was. Six feet under. Angelica's closest friends were back home in Miami. While Angelica was still living there not one friend came to visit her. Not one friend lent her a shoulder to fall back on. She spent the days in a house with so many memories that she couldn't bear it. She would sneak out of the house at night and sleep in the driveway. Waking up cold and often wet was better than lying in a bed where memories overpowered you. Her mother was ubiquitous. She was everywhere. Angelica felt relief when they moved to the apartment. She never thought that she would ever want to move away from her friends, her house, her life but when her whole life was falling apart she felt that running away was the best answer. To run away from your problems is not the answer. That's what her mother always said. What did she do?

"Angelica, get the hell out of here! A bitch doesn't belong at this table," said David.

"Why are you here then?" Angelica asked.

She knew she shouldn't have said anything. But sometimes she couldn't help it. Assholes like him were everywhere and if she never said anything she wouldn't last one day in this hellhole of a school.

"At least I'm not a bitch whose mom was a crack head whore and killed herself just to get away from me!"

That did it. Tears streamed down her face. It felt as if they were freezing to her face. She felt ashamed. She felt dirty. Because of what?

Angelica walked away. She knew everyone was staring but she didn't give a shit. Matt followed her.

"Angelica, want to sit with me today?"

" No," Angelica replied.

Matt was an ok guy. But she didn't have the intent to speak with him. All humans as a mater of fact. All because her mom wolfed down 6 bottles of Advil. Angelica went home. Screw school. In the small and damp apartment she went to her room and went to sleep. She tried to dream of something different but her mind wouldn't. It would replay the events that happened in the last month over and over. It was hopeless. Angelica couldn't take it anymore. She wouldn't be able to live her life this way.


"Hello. Matt? This is Mr. Stone I'm Angelica's father. Have you seen her today? She's not home and she wasn't at school the entire afternoon. I'm so worried!"

Matt's brain froze. He loved her. She never chose to believe that people did love her. He loved her more than he loved himself. Matt hung up the phone and got his car. He drove past the speed limit all the way until he reached the cliffs. That's where he met her. She was beautiful. Before he found out more about her he thought that she was perfect. Now he knew that nobody is perfect. But Angelica was close. He felt sick to think of the fact that the death of her mother possessed her life. He arrived at the cliffs and there she was. Long blonde hair swaying in the wind. She reminded him of an angel. The moonlight hit her face hard and he knew that she heard him. She never turned around. As if she was under a magical spell. She was standing face first towards the rocky river below.

"Angelica," he whispered her name.

Afraid that any sudden move would drive her over the edge.

"Matt, get out of here!" Angelica shouted.

"I'm not leaving until you turn around. Angelica you can't jump. You're letting everybody else win."

"My mom wasn't a crack head," she said

"I know that Angelica! She loved you too. She was sick! Your father loves you he called my house and he was all worried. Please don't jump. You have a lot going for you! And if you jump you're going to give David and everybody else the satisfaction of knowing that they hurt you!" Matt was screaming now but he couldn't help it.

"Do you think that this is about David? No! This is about my life? Not about David!" Angelica shrieked.

"Don't jump," Matt whispered. There was nothing else he could do.

"I'm sorry Matt. I love you too. And tell my dad that this wasn't his fault."

Angelica jumped. In the air she thought about angels and faeries. Maybe she made the wrong decision. At least she didn't have to stick around on earth to find out.

Matt was screaming for help. He was going crazy. He didn't understand what he was saying. He called 911. His fingers were trembling. He had to try two times.

" Hello, 911. Why are you calling?"

Matt trembled as the words escaped his mouth.

" I want to report the suicide of my friend. She jumped of Edward Cliffs."

Then Matt fell to the floor. He lay on the grass and cried. He cried for the memories. But mostly he cried for the future they never had.

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