Without a Shadow
By: Ian Tewid
I was born in a time when shadows are taken from you at birth. If you don't have a shadow, you don't have the will to survive. And in a planet where wars a raged everywhere, every time, that's not a good thing. But I was different from the others. I had a will to survive. Because I somehow knew the world would need me some day.

I leapt off my bed and bolted down the hall. I stopped on a dime in front of my sister, who had just woken up and was walking to the kitchen. My sister's a tad bit slow when she has just woken up. I tapped my foot and waited for her to finish tying her shoe, in the middle of the hall! I got so fed up, I stepped back a few feet, and bolted forward, making a flying leap over my 18-year-old sister's back. My sister looked up, smirked and said, "Your mighty fast for a 12 year old runt, Randal." My sister called anyone younger than her a runt. In truth, I was 5' 5". Taller than most kids in my class. I looked at my sister and smiled innocently.
"What was that, ELIZABETH?" She hated that name, she stood upright, obviously fully awake, and bolted straight at me. I jumped over her as she dived for me, and sprinted to the breakfast table. I slammed down in my seat and waited for my mom. When she arrived she looked at my sister, who was walking, slowly, panting. My mom looked at me with a stern look on her face.
"What did you do, young man?" She said flatly. I looked at my sister with a look of innocence on my face.
"I didn't do anything. I just got here from my bedroom!" I said, smiling. My sister stared at me, but didn't make any move to contradict. I started in on my pancakes. Just another average day in the Smith household.
School was just as fun. My friends and me would confuse the teacher. It was fun. When she called on one of us, all four of us would reply. Then when she got so agitated, she asked for the real whomever to come up to the front of the class. That's when all four got up and walked straight to the front. Then we would argue and fight and bicker until the teacher would call on someone else. But today, we had a substitute. My friends and I grinned at each other. We were going to have some fun.
The teacher looked up and started role call. When he got to my name (which was the first of my friends,) we all said "Present!" The teacher raised an eyebrow and looked back at the clipboard, and said the name again, experimenting. We all said "Present!" again, one at a time. He sighed, then said it again. This time, only I said it. Then he smiled and said it again.
"Randal!" Hoping he'd get the same reply by me only. Then all four of us said "Present!"
Later, we met in the cafeteria. Our only little corner off in the corner, where we could talk all we wanted. Raymond looked at me, grinning.
"Did you see his face?" He laughed. "Poor guy! I almost felt sorry for him!" I, in the meantime, was staring in at my glass of Chocolate Milk. There were ripples in it. I also felt a rumbling in the ground. I raised an eyebrow.
"Guys? Do you feel..." Suddenly, a large mech suit burst through the brick school cafeteria wall. Everyone screamed I terror. I stumbled out of my chair and backed up. The suit fired several large shots of lasers at the kitchen, which exploded. Then a voice filtered through the air, as if from a radio.
"If you give up the Glimmerstones, no one gets hurt! Or killed!" It said. I backed up a bit more. I had heard of those. Rumor had it that the principal kept them in his office. The textbooks say they have some kind of special power that they would allow one man to live forever, as long as he was in physical contact with it. It also granted strength. And I didn't want this hunk of junk to take it. I reached behind me and found a spatula on the ground, shrapnel from the explosion. I stood up, raced to the machine and slid under it. It started to turn, but it was to slow. I shoved the spatula up the main management system and it halted, then started to glow a vibrant red, getting brighter.
"EVERYONE! OUT!" I shouted. Everyone turned instantly around and bolted for the door. I doublechecked to make sure no one was left behind. I saw someone cowering in the corner, shaking. It was Lisa. I ran to her, and shook her.
"We have to get out of here! Now!" I said. She looked up.
"Randal?" She said wearily.
"No time! Come on!" I helped her to her feet and bolted to the door, ripped them open, and ran through, slamming them behind me, after Lisa got through. I led her on a running spree to the library. We heard a faint bang as we got down the steps. It was gone. Everyone else was there, telling their own version of what had happened. I led Lisa to an empty seat.
"Stay here." I said, then left the library.

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