After that, Anna was once again let out of the room and she took the opportunity to walk in the gardens. On one of her walks, she overheard two people talking. She sat down, pretending to feel tired. The voices halted, but resumed when they figured she couldn't hear them. "We've been here too long. It's not fair the Robinson's have been able to leave and no one else has been able to yet."

"I agree with you. It's perfect! They're content, unsuspecting. I say tonight! In the morning, we'll be free from the drudgery of working for someone else!"

"Fine. I'll tell the others. Tonight, he dies." The voices moved off, leaving Anna suddenly cold in the warm afternoon.

That afternoon, when Rafael was in his study, Anna knocked on his door. He bid her in and with one look from her face, he shut the door behind her. "Anna, what's wrong?"

"They're after you! I knew they'd come but I didn't think they'd be here so soon!"

"What? Who are you talking about?"

She got herself under control and looked tearfully up at him. "The people of the plantation. They're jealous of my family and they're coming to kill you!"

"Why would they do that? I treat them well. They're pretty much free to do whatever they want here!" He started pacing the room.

"They're tired of working for someone else. They want to be completely free to live their own lives. They want a chance to live for themselves. Besides! They're still unsure if you're a worthy overlord! You've made enemies here!"

He flinched, understanding what she was referring to. Wearily, he rubbed his hands over his eyes and walked over to his desk. "Where do I go?"

Anna let out a sigh of relief. "Go to my family's house and wait there until I get word to you." He slowly nodded his head in agreement and she came around to give him a hug.

That night, Rafael said good-bye to Anna and stole out into the darkness. Thankfully, no light came from the skies to give him away as he went to her family's house. There, he updated them on the circumstances and they immediately let him in.

The next day, Anna took her usual walk through the garden. Rafael had taken the chance and returned, following her closely as he hid from everyone's sight, including hers. He watched as someone came up behind her and knocked her out with a large stick. Anna never saw the person as she fell to the ground. It was all he could to keep from screaming, but he managed to keep his silence as he watched in horror as the man slung her easily over his shoulder and walked off. Rafael silently followed, like an obedient shadow.

When Anna woke that afternoon, she found herself sitting against a wall of one of the old animal pens. She looked up as she heard the voices of two men rage outside. They argued, but the headache she had kept her from making sense of their words. One came in and closed the door after him. Only then did she notice that her hands had been tied behind her back. The man turned out to be Cameron and he grabbed a handful of her hair, jerking her head back as she yelped in pain. "Where is he?" he demanded.

"Who?" knowing full well who he was talking about but wanted to buy time with innocence.

"You know who I'm talking about. Where's Rafael?"

"How should I know? I haven't seen him all day. He wasn't with me when I got up so I thought he was in his study or something."

"Face it, Anna. We know you're lying. You told him we were going to kill him, didn't you?"

"What?" She asked, feigning surprise. "Why would you kill him?"

"Stop it!" He jerked her head back again as he let go, causing her head to bump against the pen. "Where is he?"

"I don't know! I don't know!" She blacked out after watching Cameron hit her head with a large piece of wood.

That night, she was led out of the pen. She stood between two trees, bathed by the faint moonlight. They tied her wrists to the two trees so she stood stretched in between. They ripped off her clothing and she looked around frantically, not wanting to think of what they'd do next. Cameron came up to her, gripping her jaw tightly and forcing her to look into his furious eyes. The night wind chilled her skin, giving her goose bumps and her flesh quivered as he gazed up and down her body. Finally, he stepped back and flicked his hand. All at once, she was surrounded by people who came to torture her, giving her all kinds of pain. Some choked her until she nearly blacked out. A whip was produced and once again, the biting of the whip was felt. They kicked her off her feet, letting the rough ropes cut into her wrists until she regained her balance.

After what seemed like hours to her of torture, some started to tire of their game and left. Little by little, they left until only Cameron remained. He tilted her chin up and she reluctantly looked into his eyes. "This is only the first day, Anna. Good night." He let her go and walked off, leaving her to stand alone in the cold. She knew she couldn't sleep otherwise she'd let the circulation be cut off from her wrists and she'd eventually suffocate when her neck dropped down, but she was so tired…

A noise awakened her. It was still dark but she could sense someone coming toward her. She tensed, thinking it was Cameron coming to torture her again so she didn't even raise her head. "Anna?" someone whispered.

Her head immediately jerked up. In the darkness, she barely made out Rafael's form coming toward her. "Rafael! What are you doing here? They'll get you! It's a trap!"

"I couldn't stay away, especially when you're like this." She looked down, ashamed of her condition as he looked her over. In a few strides, he was hugging her and she sobbed in his embrace.

"So you came back, master Rafael." Rafael let her go and they both stared as Cameron and a handful of others came forth from the darkness. They quickly tied him up and let Anna from her bondage. She fell forward from weakness and Cameron easily carried her inside with the others dragging a struggling Rafael. Somewhere during the journey, she gave in to her pain and embraced unconsciousness. When she woke again, she found herself once again bound and propped up against a wall of the study. In the middle of the room, a stake had been put into the floor and Rafael was bound to it, his head bent forward in apparent exhaustion and pain. Anna called to him but he didn't stir. It's all my fault. Everything keeps happening because of me!

The door opened and Cameron came in. Without a glance to Rafael, he walked to her. He bent down and cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look at him. There was sadness and hurt in his eyes but that look changed and his eyes were stone cold, unfeeling. So full of hate. Anna gasped and tried to struggle to get away but he gripped her chin even more firmly, causing tears to come to her eyes. "You were mine before he came. Despite your having been with him, I still consider you as my only one. And because you are rightfully mine, I'll take what is mine." He forced her down even as he said those words and she struggled. Anna could see Rafael now awake and struggling to help her but no one could help her as he took revenge on her for having broke his heart.

Rafael couldn't believe what he'd seen after Cameron had left. It's all a bad dream. I'll wake up soon. But no, this was too real. She was there, really crying and he was helpless. "I'm sorry," Anna whispered. "It's all my fault! Everything's my fault!" She turned away so she couldn't see him as he violently shook his head to disagree with her, despite the pain it gave him.

Outside, another argument was taking place. "It's your duty! You agreed to this and you can't back out now!"

"I didn't know I had to do this! I still love her!" Cameron argued.

"Oh, really? Love her enough to rape her like that? We could all hear her screams from outside." His companion gave a cold smile. When he was sure he'd made his point, he turned to go. "Do it, or die yourself." Inside, the battle continued. How can I do this?

The next day, Cameron came into the room and immediately, fear took over Anna's body. Cameron looked at her but he was so unhappy, he turned to Rafael, feeling his hatred grow. "You stole my love away. You knew she was engaged to me and still you took over, reminding us all of your power. You were so selfish, you didn't even think how it would affect everyone else." He turned to Anna. "And you! You were supposed to refuse him! I loved you but it didn't seem like you cared!" He saw the hurt in her eyes but it was too late to stop now. "You toyed with my heart whether you knew it or not! You don't deserve to live!" He took out a knife and watched as her eyes grew big with fear. Cameron came forward and let the blade gently trace her throat, hearing her breathing quicken. "Anna?" he asked quietly. She looked up into his face and gazed in shock as the blade raised. "I'm sorry." The blade slashed her throat open. Her eyes showed him her forgiveness and then turned to Rafael with eyes filled with love before she fell forward. With a small thump, her body fell to the ground, blood flowing from the cut in her throat. Her eyes glazed over and her mouth stayed open with words never to be heard.

Seconds ticked by and neither dared move. Cameron slowly raised the bloody knife and gazed at it, shocked at what he'd done. Suddenly, he dropped it and turned to let Rafael free. "I can't kill you," he confessed, refusing to meet Rafael's eyes. "I'm sorry for what I've done. The others would have wanted to do more, but as for myself…" He drew in a shaky breath. "I didn't think it would hurt this much."

Rafael, sensing Cameron's sincerity, spoke. "It's okay. I know what you went through. Come with me and help me bring her body and Luke's to their parents'. I'd be grateful for that." Surprisingly, Cameron agreed. When no one was around, the two got a cart and put the two bodies on it, leaving before anyone noticed their absences.

As they approached the Robinson house, Elaine burst out of the house wondering what the matter was. Then she stopped in her tracks as she saw the solemn faces of Cameron and Rafael. She looked at the cart they pushed with two bodies shaped in the burlap. Richard came out and saw before hurrying to help carry to bodies into the family grave behind the house.

After the quiet burial, the family turned back to the house except for Rafael, who stayed behind to cry at the foot of Anna's grave a while. As he got up, Cameron came to him and asked, "What are you going to do now?"

"I don't know. Probably go back to sea for a while. How about you?"

"I can't go back to the plantation. They'd kill me for sure."

Rafael nodded. "Stay here then. Anna's family needs you."

"I guess. Take care, okay?"

"Right. You too, all right?"

Rafael again, nodded and turned to go down the path leaving the house. "Hey!" Cameron called out just before he stepped out the gate. Rafael paused but didn't turn around. "Keep in touch!" Rafael smiled to himself and raised a hand in farewell before going off.