"Marc!" I heard my name being called out and looked toward the house. I watched as Tess slowly made her way to where I was working in the field. As she came closer, one of the children watching me got up and ran over to her. Laughing, Tess picked her up and carried her back. "Marc, I swear you spoil the children so much!" She eyed the handful of toys that I'd carved for them.

"Hey! I didn't do anything! These are their rewards if they learn their lesson well today."

"Oh, really? And what's the lesson this time?" she asked, settling herself to watch as training continued.

"Well, you can see the older ones learning the steps and forms." We looked over to the main group and watched as Kim led the steps.

"And the younger ones?" she asked, indicating to the small handful in front of us.

"We were just about to start story telling. They need to learn about their ancestors if they want to become warriors."

She smiled. "And which story would this one be?"

I took her hand in mine. "This story has to deal with a beautiful, young woman who was unfortunate to have so many bad things thrown in front of her. Yet despite all this, she overcame it all and survived. She turned everything into something positive and all warriors since then have looked up to her for guidance and support. Her tragedies brought the village together. She is someone I greatly admire."

I smiled. Our faces had come closer over that little speech of mine. "And who would this lucky woman be?" I felt her gentle breath on my face.

"You should know," I whispered. "It's you." I kissed her lightly on the lips then and was interrupted by the squealing of the children. I broke away laughing as I felt someone climb into my lap. "Yes, Sara?"

She threw her arms around me. "Tell the story, please. I want to hear about mommy."

"Actually, I have something else in mind. Why doesn't she tell her yourself?"

I looked over at her and she smiled, nodding her head. She turned to the children and began her tale. I listened as she told her story and smiled down at Sara, who sat entranced, taking in the story of her mother yet again. I looked down at Sara and wondered at the amazing likeness between her and Tess. Besides the similar physical attributes, those two shared the same fiery spirit and once again, I felt my heart melt for the two women in my life: Tess and Sara.

Soon, I saw that the rest of training had taken a short break and many of the training warriors had wandered over to listen to Tess tell her tale. Kim too, came close and sat nearby. All sat enchanted. Watching everyone listen to her story, I doubt that Tess's legacy will ever die out.