Disclaimer: Lyrics from All-4-One's "I'm Sorry"

I had been resting in the music room trying to write another song when I heard the doorbell ring. "Kyle! Can you get it?" The doorbell rang once more and still no one answered it. Getting up from my seat, I called up the stairs. "Kyle?" Strange… I didn't hear him leave… I thought they were afraid to leave me all alone. I gave a small smile thinking about that. They just want to make sure I'll be all right. They just care so much about me and want to help me… More than certain other people. It's weird that he hasn't even bothered trying to contact me… I made my way over to the door and opened it. I quickly looked around and saw no one there. Something on the ground caught my eye though and I picked it up. It was a letter. On the envelope, I saw my name staring back at me. I turned it over and went inside.

I made my way into the music room and took a seat again at the piano and opened the envelope. Inside was a short note. Come to the playground. It was a simple request… But am I ready to take this chance?

I sat there awhile longer, and unconsciously, I began playing a song. The same song that Justin had walked in on middle of last year. A small smile filled my face as I continued to play and by the time I finished, I knew what I had to do.

I didn't bother leaving a note telling where I was going, knowing that Kyle would just try and stop me. I made my way to my car and drove off. In just a few minutes, I found myself looking up at a jungle gym in the middle of the playground Justin and I sometimes went to so we could talk and relax. Smiling to myself like I always did when I was little, I scrambled up to the top quickly. With the rush of being high off the ground, I closed my eyes and let the sun warm my face as I turned it upwards.

After a few minutes of standing like that though, I heard a song start underneath me. I listened intently as a guitar accompanied a strong, male voice. Justin… I felt my heart melt as he sang his heart into All-4-One's "I'm Sorry." "I know I was wrong for treating you the way I did. I saw what's on my mind. I didn't know where you fit in. And if I could do it all over again I'll never treat you that way again. I apologize for the pain that I've caused. And I just want to say I'm sorry. So sorry. For treating you the way I did. I didn't mean it baby. I'm sorry. So sorry. For leaving you the way I did. When I close my eyes I think of how we used to be. That's when I realize just how much you mean to me. A second chance is all that I need. I need to change what's wrong and make it right. A fool I was to let you slip away when I need you in my life. I'm sorry. So sorry. For treating you the way I did. I didn't mean to hurt you baby. I'm sorry. So sorry. For leaving you the way I did. And I know that anytime I treated you unkind, so unkind, you still gave your best to me. I'll do anything to get back into my life. I need to hold you again, kiss you again, make love to you. We'll do it again. Listen to me, I'm down on my knees. Can we start over again? Can we start over? I'm sorry. So sorry. For treating you the way I did. I'm sorry. So sorry. For leaving you the way I did. I'm sorry. So sorry. For treating you the way I did. I'm sorry. So sorry. For leaving you the way I did. I'm sorry, Danni."

Halfway through the song, I had opened my eyes and looked down at him. His eyes were full of pain and longing. When he was done, we continued to look at each other a bit longer. Then pleading, he reached a hand up to me and I slowly climbed down from my lofty resting place.

He took my hand and guided me to a bench to sit down. Softly, he told me to close my eyes. I let myself go and felt that we were back on the beach, watching the waves come crashing in. I reached out to him and felt him wrap his arms around me, comforting me as tears began to stream down my face. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing's wrong. Not anymore," I whispered back.

"So where does that leave us?"

"Together, holding onto each other."

"Danni, I need to know. Is this what you want?"

I looked up into his eyes once more. Those brown eyes, with its dark circles underneath with lack of sleep and rimmed red from fresh tears. When I saw the look of longing and loving in his eyes though, there was only one thing I could say. "Yes, this is what I want."

His face instantly brightened up as he drew his head down for a long-missed kiss. And as we kissed, I felt him take a ring and place it back onto my finger. He broke the kiss for a moment to whisper, "Here's to forever."

Smiling in return, I drew him back into the kiss. A kiss that showed him exactly how happy I was to finally be with him again.