Whoo-ho, I'm back, with yet another scary e-mail. One I wrote when I was very unhappy with a science project!

*dum dum dum dramatic music*

(some names have been changed to protect the innocent*

*mystical voice* And now...
like the sand through the hourglass,
so are the days of our e-mail

From: Ye Olde Booke Shope of Ye Olde Wise Yoda
I FAIL at drawing guys. Their eyes get all screwy and their lips get all angular and boxy and they look like they fell into biohazard waste and MUTATED! Anyway. Now I cannot draw for a while, as I will be drawing CELLS! Yes, CELLS! For BIOLOGY! I must draws CELLS day and night! and then make a pretty project. with the CELLS! CELLS of DOOM! CELLS must always be in capitals because they are CELLS! CELLS of DOOM! Evil CELLS! Hell's CELLS! ARRRGGGGGG!
So. We had a homecoming dance. An evil homecoming dance filled with CELLS! and people randomly nailing plywood! ARRG! I didn't go to the CELL filled dance of doom. Tis icky and filled with misery and woe! If anyone besides you ever reads these odd e-mails I send you, 1) they will be very very very very frightened and, 2) they aren't going to know who sent them to you becasue I never write my name! Muaa! Now I am Yoda! Before I was Lars! Before I was Continually Dying Konoko, which I still am! And i was other things, but i forget what they were. i'm trying to take up space becasue when I finish writing to you I must continue my homework, which means CELLS! *cells hop on Caitlin and smother her* AGHH! Back! Back you CELLS! MUAAA! Anyway.
Ohter things to babble about. Hmmmm, let us see. Ooh! I figured out how to get our movies onto TAPE! YAYY! Then i can put all our movies, all our random stuff, including scary puppet show, swimming in the pool, and Just Married onto tapes, and send them to you! I know you have just married, but i'm going to edit it anyway! Bwuaa haha! I will plague you with our scary movies! MUA!
Homework looms, so i run away! AAAHHH! Deeper into the scary e-mail. And I once again ask you, THINGIMABOBS! Where did you find them on the site? If they are a thing for Hotmail, i should be able to use them, correcto? If so, HOW! AHHH! I am suffering thingiemabob withdrawl! NAARRRHHHGGG!
TETSBODWHEWFOF! I think that is what i named the butler in Lara Croft! The Evil Tea Serving Butler Of Doom With His Evil Wrinkled Face Of Flatness! Muaa! I remembered.
AHHHHH! Nooooothing more to say! *cry sob wail holler sniffle sob sniff boo cry* anyway. Jolly! Cheerio, old chap! I say, old bean! Metamorph into Yoda i will. Goodbye I say. Draw CELLS I must! Cry I shall! Ta-ta, I say!

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My poor friends...they are plagued by me. Ah well.