Wahoo! Here's yet another slice of insanity! Enjoy!

*dum dum dum dramatic music*

(some names have been changed to protect the innocent)

*mystical voice* and now...

Like the sands through the hourglass,
So are the Days Of Our E-mail.

Wherefore has Sarah dissappeared to? I think you has been beamed back up to the mother ship. Oh well. More time to write an obsessively long e-mail to ya! yAhahahhahah! muauauahahahhah EVILNESS! Heheh, now I hsall just write whenever I feel like it and this shall be the longest e-mail...EVER! BWUAHhahahahhah! To start off the longness, i shall now put in here the (bum bum BUMMMMMMMMMM!) Axis of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Viola!

*insert Axis of EEEEEEEEEEEEEVILL! here*

There! Already my e-mail begin to be long! But it shall be much longer, muahahahahah! Becasue I am evil and I want you to write and I'm feeling sad and abandoned *sooooooob!*
AUCH! Indignation! I am all indignant cuzz you is not writing! boooohooo! You has made me cry, is not you now feeling guilty?
"The ships hung in the sky much in the same way that bricks don't."
Hah! I shall now bombard you with QUOTES! NAR! Actually, I don't know many other good ones. I shall have to send you the funny little cartoony I found. Not until you write! Muahahahah! Just like the diary thingies! Auch! Indignation!
Yep yep yep. Now what shall I talk about? I shall talk about how I shall take an acting class on Friday! Are you not bored with this eough yet? HAHA! MUAHAH!
I gots a DVD PLAYER! HOORAY AND CELBRATE! YAR! Hehe! YEs, now I have scared you enough.
I think this be my THIRD e-mail to you. Write? Pwese? *cry sob boo* I shall cry more. Whar has you been? Okay, I has only not heard from you since the fith, but I is sad becasue my mailbox ben empty. No one sends me mails *cryyyyyy*
Ah well. I shall get over it. I SHALL! Muha!Anyyyywayyyy...Yup yup yup.
Up. What ever happened to the first six ups? What is the speed of dark? Why is it when we send something by car it's called a shipment, but when we send it by ship it's called cargo? What would chairs look like if knees were backward? If olive oil is made from olives, what is baby oil made from? Tired of playing twenty quetions yet? Okay. Okay okay good okay! (imitation Jacquelyn playing WaveRacer!)
Hum diddle dee dee, a pirate's life for me! DUm dum dum de DUM, de dum...
YeAH. ANYway. Yup, so now i write and take up room, nahhhahah!
Hum, I shall summarize my day in one sentance! That will take up room,a nd be plenty booring as well! hereereeeee goes! *GIANT breath* Today I woke up and then I had no breakfast because I never have breakfast and then I had to race to the car and then race to school at six thirty because I am dumb and I go to zero period Latin and then it was COLD in the Latin classroom and so we went over to room 53 to translate Ceaser fortifying the south bridge of the Rhonde river and after Latin Jenn and Molly and I walked around and were cold because it is COLD in the mornings and then the bell rang and it was off to biology where we took some boring notes and froze to death because some FOOL who shall not be named (RYAN FISHER!) left the DOOR open and we all contracted frostbite and then everyone sped-read Pride and Prejudice for English which practically everyone in my biology class has with me as well and then off to break where Jenn and I walked around and scared people with our random silliness and then OFF to English where we DIDN'T need to read Pride and Prejudice after all but instead we read the in class PAPERS we wrote on Friday ABOUT P and P and then zipped off to lunch and Jenn had pasta with cayenne pepper and she gave me some and did not tell me and it was HOT and it was NOT funny and then Jenn and Allison and I walked around and scared MORE people with our random silliness and then the bell rang AGAIN and OFF to world history where we took notes and all of our HANDS exploded but that was simply OKAY because we all like Mr. Marshall 'cuz he is funny but still we did not appreciate swollen bloated or in fact exploded hands but then the bell rang and school was OUT and I went to the parking lot and found my dad and drove home and didn't do homework cuz I had NONE and then sporadically got on and off line talking to Laura and Jessica and Jacquelyn and watched Rat Race on DVD and then had some salmon for dinner and played with the cat and came back and watched the Final Sacrifice on MST and then I got back on line and decided to check hotmail and then started writing my e-mail to you! *WHEW!* Well, wowie, that was my day. How was YOURS? hehe! That was kinda fun! I'll have to do that some more! This is not the longest e-mail ever but it is CLOSE! WHEE!
Hah, now what shall I write about? I shall write about...um...I dunno. I'm at a loss! *gasp!* Scary! Have a happy. :) Yep, take the happy.
hM...I'm still at a loss, even witht he incredibly inspirational grinning yellow happy. *grabs happy and shakes it* inspire me, you darn happy! oh, fine. Abandon me! *wail*
Ah well, teh happy is no use. I shall have to inspire myself. i SHALL! AUCH! My accent! I am in indigation, and why for I know not why! Whee hoo! GOod English for me! it is Caitenglish! My own little language. Actually is is more of Jesscaitenglish, becasue both Jessica and I speak it! BUt, I'm sure you care. i think I shall be wrappin gup the worlds logest e-mail right about now, makin git just short of the galaxies longest e-mail! MUAA! But, before I go, I must add something in latin.! Amo Latinae, et sum actorea! Salve! ja ne! Siyonara! Arrivaderchi! Adios! Aloha! Krasznayark! Beir ich utch! Parakalow! Efkharistow! Endoxie! Sandwhich! Gratzie! Danke! Nine! Wilcomen! Bienvenue! Biideru! Bonjourno! Je pense donc je suis!

The Multilingual One!


*waits patiently for men in white coats to come rushing up to the door* MUAA HAHAHAH!