The Existance of dragons part 1
It's me...flamingsmileyface! normally I write humor fics..mostly aboot gundam..but today
I've decided to write the first part of a fic I was building up in my mind for's actually serious
and all comments are welcomed(and required! WAHAHA! j/k...) flames aren't..and if you do...belive me..I'll find you and kill
you...many times..(hah..I like eminem) if you like sure too check out my other ones...even if you don't like gundam.. start off by saying..once in our life we all debate the existance of dragons, are they real? Where are they? They're just made up dammit!
Nope...not what I belive..hopefully this story will help you change your mind for the better side of enlightenment..
Lemme start by introducing our main characters(BTW ppl..I'm a manag I draw this stuff in a comic too..but it's easier to write it..)

Jade=Shy, short brown hair, kinda airheaded..
Rose=Loud,short brown hair, an enigma(based upon moi!)
Aqua=Sweet,long brown hair,kool the toughest of the group
Aurora=Boy-crazy, dirty-blond mid-length hair,she thinks with her..uh..not head alot..

Now that you have sum of an idea of the cast..allow me to begin..weaving a never ending dream..

In a small urban townhouse at around 1:00 am, the sounds of a sleepover are all thats heard..4 girls screaming and laughing at videos that they rented
to keep things about 1:30 things quiet down and the girls get ready for bed, turn the lights out and lay in the darkness talking quietly
to each other..

Rose:I'm serious here...
Jade:Dragon don't exist stupid, they died with the dinosaurs..
Aqua:Actually they never existed at all..
Aurora:Dude..check out this foldout of Eminem! It's great!
Rose:No but like..I belive our souls travel on, life after life..learning more and more..and who's to say dragons weren't out there sometime
and like..their souls are still around, looking for they're lost bodies..and thats where like Tornado's and Volcanos N stuff comefrom..
Aqua:Thats bull..I'm sure if we could find dinosuar bones..we could find DRAGON bones..its not that easy to overlook..
Rose:What if...when they died..the elements they represented covered them fire dragon dies..and a volcano springs up where it's body was left..
waiting for the soul to return..and the earth dragon a mountain range..water dragon the great rift valley..and so on.. think so? much as I like dragons..I DON'T think they ever 'cmon and lets go to sleep you dingdong..
Rose:Stop calling me that...*rolls over and starts to fall asleep*
Aurora:*takes out a flashlight and looks at the foldout* eeeih!
Aqua:Go to sleep dammit!
Aurora:Alright..alright..jeezus..*rolls over still hugging the Em poster*

Laying in the darkness, all of them soon fall asleep and dream in particular spreads..and all 4 end up dreaming the same thing(it's happened before people..
its called a phenomenon or something...) This is how it went

the 4 girls are standing at the top of a large volcano in the hawaiin islands..
Aqua:..whats going on here?
Jade:Wow..I've never dreamt of you guys before..
Aurora:I was having the coooolest dream man..
Rose:I think you're missing the point here...WE'RE STANDING ON AN ACTIVE VOLCANO!

suddenly a loud noise erupts and the only thing seen can be lava spraying everywhere, thankfully the girls are unhurt,
though they are standing in the crater with the action..
Rose:Oh god...there are people living around here!
Aqua:Do you think they knew it was going to erupt?
Aurora:Aaaah! We're gonna die!
Jade:..wait...I hear something.. too..
suddenly(I like saying that) as more lava sprays in every which way, a loud roar is heard..
Aqua:What was that? I've never heard a noise like that..
Jade:Do volcanos roar?'s dying down..

quickly the noise dissipates and the girls heave a sigh of relief..but it is cut short suddenly as bones of everyshape and size spray all over the place

Jade:aaah! Bones! God they're huge!
Aqua:They must be from some old Island tradition of sacrificing people..
Rose:They're too big for that! What if my theory...was...
Aqua:No! Thats bull! It's not real! Dragons don't exist! Godammit! This dream sucks! Get me out of here!
As the last word is spoken, all 4 girls open their eyes at the same time, and jump up in bed..

Aurora:Morning already?
Jade:I had a weird dream last night..and you guys were in it..
Aqua: me too..what were your about?
Much to their surprise they all realized they had the same dream..

Jade:So did a volcano really erupt? was just a dream..
Rose:..lets find out..*flips on TV*

*Conviently its already set on a news station covering a brakeing report*
NewsAnchor:and much to the surprise of people lving around this area, a large hawaiin volcano erupted last night, killing thousands
and burying whole towns in ash, a rescue effort is still under way, more perplexing was the uncovering of several large bones at the
foot of the volcano, specialists first speculated that it was from a large dinosaur, but now they are not sure, and may announce it
as a new specie of dino..all in all this is a bazar turn of events..we'll keep you covered on the rescue efforts..

All four girls look at each other in shock..
Aqua:it...can' true...
Jade:all those people...
Rose:My theory is coming true! Hah! isn't..this is a tragedy..and millions of years ago some stupid dino fell into the volcano and thats what they found..
Aurora:I think your missing the point here..this is a tragedy!

End part 1...yeah..I cut it short here..what'd you think? Should I write another part? The more into the story I'll go..the more complex
the story will get..sorry about this's just I wanted it to be straight to the point..comments appreciated..and if its not liked..
I won't bother writing a second part..