They whisper as I walk
Loud enough to hear
Eyes burning into mine
Daring me to come near

The words, I've gotten used to
Only the eyes haunt me still
But I don't fight it anymore
I've finally lost my will

They tell me I'm a coward
That I should stand and fight
I hide the tears and walk away
Knowing that this isn't right

But I don't speak for myself
Cause I really am afraid
What did I ever do to you
To feel this betrayed?

And by now I would give anything
To cry and thrash and shout
And by now I'm so ready
To take the easy way out

And I've tried to slit my wrists
But I couldn't watch the blood
It was the memories that stopped me
As I was trampled in the flood

But I tried and tried again
To leave this awful place
Yet all I have is scars
And the fears I can't erase

So to this day I walk these halls
As whispers float cross air
Can't they see that I'm not listening?
I'm not fool enough to care