It was just another day in Rocktown when the evil scientist who resides in the mansion atop a hill decided to strike. Now one may wonder why a evil scientist would go unnoticed in a small place like Rocktown. Especially when you consider the fact that that the hill is very big, and the mansion is even bigger. Well than if you decided to ask the locals you would find that the evil scientist conducted various experiments that effected the town and locals. You would than delve father into this case and you would find that the evil scientist has blocked out the sun, enslaved the whole town in his mind controlling devices and made every one eat cheese for a day. As most evil scientist’s go, this one had a name; it was Jefertuki Geterfiut Kiltnei III.

Lets just call him Jef.

As you now may be wondering, why did the locals in this poor little town not arrest this evil scientist with a unpronounceable name? Well it was because Rocktown had their own super hero, that’s right folks; Rad Warrior lives in Rocktown. Rad Warrior is a super boy with powers beyond comprehension, he can run faster than a fat dog, he can lift five pound balls of steel with the help of strong men, (that sounded wrong) he can even make people unconscious when they fall asleep!

Well, Jef (the evil scientist) decided that the third Wednesday in April would be the day he destroyed the world. When asked why he chose the third Wednesday in April to destroy the world, he told sources that he just hated that day. That he killed our sources. Well it is now the third day in April and Jef is ready to destroy the world. With his army of killer chipmunks and hoards of poisoned broccoli, Jef started to destroy the world. First he came down form his dark mansion and proceeded to destroy the world. But my fellow readers, do not fear for Rad warrior is here to save the day!

But before I describe the events that transpired on that fateful day, I must tell you first what happened on that past Sunday. You see like all good boys Rad Warrior was cleaning his room. When his mom (who has no name because she is what my English teacher calls a flat character. In which she is not explained and has barely any impact in the story. Well I’ll show you evil English teacher and make Rad Warriors Mom a most important character! Hahahahahah)