Galaxy Wars The Warning Part 1
Galaxy Wars The warning PART 1 PROLOGUE
"Here comes the first wave!" yelled an alien on his home planet called Toni Haukishoo," The Tukinasha are here!"
"Mother, Father what do we do?" yelled Krell jumping up and down.
"We get to the escape pods," said Krell's father calmly as he ushered them to the pods," Just try to stay calm."
"Attention evacuees!" announced a military suited alien cupping his hands," Due to the lack of escape pods we will take the youngest of two families who haven't been picked."
Krell's family rose their hands so Krell could go and the alien known as Shushi Hu rose her hand. Shushi Hu got on and the officer was about to take Krell.
"Mom, Dad I don't want to go without you!" yelled Krell trying to resist the officer.
"Just go," said Krell's mom calmly," We need someone to continue the family legacy."
The escape pod door closed and blasted off as Krell looked out the window to his family for one last time. Soon he was in outer space watching his planet slowly disintegrating before his eyes. Now all that was left was gold, silver, copper, and other goods floating around awaiting to be sucked up by the Tukinasha.
"NO!" yelled Krell uncontrollably, while Shushi Hu remained silent. After a few minutes Krell regained control over his emotions. "What will become of us now, Shushi?" Krell asked suspecting she knew since her race saw into the future.
"We will fight on Earth," she replied closing her eyes as if meditating, " We will fight evil we have already faced, this time though with allies."
Chapter 1 The year 3046
My name is Dwayne. That's all just Dwayne. No middle name, no last name. That's because our world leader decided there was no need for them. Anyway Im writing in this book so I can tell about my life and send it in the past. (By the way, writing in our time is actually talking into a video recorder.) Back to the story. Im writing because something terrible has happened and I want it righted in the past. I Dwayne will now tell you about my life.
"What a beautiful day," I said walking around in the artificial park. " It's a shame no earthling from the early 21st century stopped pollution. Now we have to pay to get into the Unnatural Wonders of the Stupid Ages. (Also known as the years 2450 and below. WOW! A comet. HEY! My computer says the next comet visible will be 20.8654053 years from now. Unless we forgot to blow up Hale-Bopp, were in for some trouble. Hopefully it isn't a Drockeen space cruiser. UH OH! It's getting closer. IT'S GOING TO CRASH!"
A brilliant light filled the sky. The "comet" started turning green then purple then red then with a thundering crash shaking the whole artificial park it went into a stop.
"I know what that is!" I exclaimed getting excited and scared at the same time. "It's an escape pod! In 16th grade they told us that when a "comet" starts changing colors it's probably going to be an escape pod. I'd better go check it out and make sure everybody is alright, but I can't run since half a mile is a long way. Oh yeah! I can use my inflatable hover car."
About six seconds later I finally covered the distance of the half mile and saw the escape pod, but to my surprise there wasn't just one escape pod, but six pods. The pods were crippled, as if twenty different cruisers of the Intergalactic Defense Force (IDF) attacked them. The ashened wires were popping out of the pods and causing fires. The windows were cracked, some broken. It looked like a war took place. In the distance I could see two shadowy figures.
"Now what shall I use to hear their conversation. Ah, the perfect little gizmo for this situation is the listener. I love this gadget. You can hear people talking from miles away. Now I'll set this on, oh, about 50 yards."
"We must find him," said one figure.
"But where do we start looking for the one you call Dwayne, Shushi?" the other figure asked shrugging its shoulders.
I almost fainted. My heart skipped a couple beats. I hid behind a tree. They were talking about me!
"Oh my gosh!" I yelped, then realizing what I did I clamped my hands over my mouth.
"What was that?" one of the figures asked snapping its head back and forth. "It's him, the other said calmly.
"The others will get him."
At this I started running, but all of a sudden a tree grabbed me.
"AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!" I screamed while kicking the tree with all my might. Just then I turned into an alien. A dark purple alien with suction cupped fingers, dark curly hair that seemed to be alive, and his eyes looked like marbles; like the kind that looks like it has toothpaste in it. After one good look I was unconscious. When I woke up just the two aliens I saw earlier were around me. One of the aliens looked just like the one I saw before; just feminine. The other was an ugly blue alien with yellow hair and no eyes. It was at least 16 ft tall. They were eyeing me as if I were a dying patient. Then one of them began to speak; the female one.
"Are you all right Dwayne?" she asked.
"How do you know my name?" I managed to stutter," and what do you want from me!"
The other on asked," How did you know his name, Shushi Hu?"
"I can read minds and predict the future," she replied to the other alien. Then she looked back at me," What we want from you is your help to save the Earth."
My head started spinning from there. Earth was in trouble? My help? I was a nobody yet they want my help? This couldn't have been true. My head felt like it was going to explode.
"Calm down," said the one known as Shushi Hu. "All will be explained, just let Krell use his song skills to soothe you." Then she left leaving me with the one known as Krell as h did his "voice" warm ups. Then all of a sudden he started "singing". It was the most beautiful thing I had heard. It seemed to roll out of his mouth and into my ears. It was the most soothing song. Slowly, but surely I fell asleep.

Once I woke, I was in a spaceship I had never seen before. It was square shaped with seats everywhere. Then I realized I was in an auditorium. After what seemed like hours aliens that looked like Shushi started walking in. Then one different alien walked in which I soon realized he must be Krell. I prayed silently hoping this was all a dream. Shushi started clearing her voice. The room fell silent almost immediatly.
"Hello, again, Dwayne," she said while everyone else reamined calm and still. "Krell and I will hook up our brains to show you what has happened in our life so far" Just then wires shot out of the cube and connected to Shushi's and Krell's head. Then to my amazement the room darkened, except for one screen.
Then all of a sudden a mysterious voice started talking. "We will embark through the memories of Krell first, then the High Queen herself, Shushi Hu."
That's when my head started spinning again. The one known as Shushi Hu is a Queen? I was shocked. She took so much interest into me and she's a queen and I'm a nobody. The screen started changing colors and suddenly I seemed like I was watching a movie.
"We will fight evil we have already faced. This time with allies," said Shushi.
"We'll be fighting the Tukinasha on Earth?" questioned Krell. "That cant be true. The pods are programmed to go to the nearest friendly planet. Earth is a hostile planet that war on each other and any other species they see."
"Well that's fate Krell, we have to go to Earth so Earth is where we are going."
"But how did you change the escape pod coordinates on all the pods?"
"Me and the rest of my species changed the coordinates according to my visions."
"Rest of your species? Your an orphan Shushi. Abandoned at birth and adopted by my own kind."
"That's what you think. You'll know the truth when we find Dwayne."
"Krell's memory finished," said the same mysterious voice. "The High Queen, Shushi Hu's memory next. Prepare for download."
"Hello? Testing 1...2...3, is this thing on?" asked a mysterious person on the movie screen. "Yes dear it is on," said another mysterious person.
"Just talk into the eyes."
"Oh...okay. Hi Im Shushi's mom.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Shushi Hu starting to cry and Krell staring up at the screen looking very bewildered. I decided to keep watching.
"We have attached a memory device to Shushi Hu so she can deliver this message to the savior of the universe, Dwayne."
I gasped while a loud rumbling came from the alien crowd. Me? Savior of the universe. NO WAY! I couldn't be savior of the universe, and how did these strangers know my name also? Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd as Shushi Hu's mother began to speak again.
"Only he can bring the downfall of the Tukinasha. We have sealed Shushi Hu's mind off the Tukinasha once she meets Dwayne because we would like to tell him ourselves,Dwyane, listen carefully. The Tukinasha are a race of aliens who send out a virus to the planet thier invading. The virus is unknown to everybody and there is no counter to it. This planet eats everything except all the planets valuables like gold, silver, copper, diamond, you name it they'll get it. Dwyane your mission is to save Earth and bring the downfall of the Tukinasaha race. Transmission out."
And with those words the screen blanked was in an awe of silence. Just then there was a sudden uproar.
"THE QUEEN IS DOWN!" yelled an alien that resembled Shushi. "Take her to the medical wing!"
There was alot of hustle and busle from there. Everyone was getting Shushi Hu and taking her to the medical wing where ever that was. Krell and I were the only ones who were stll there in the auditorium after everyone else left. It seemed we were both in awe and shock. I decide to walk up to Krell and try and strike up a conversation.
"So why are you still here?" I asked. "Why arent you helpin the others helping the Queen?"
"I envy her," he said darkly. "She can remember her family, yet when we crashed I suffered amnesia and I cant remeber my family or how they died." As he was saying this he started crying.
"Where are Shushi's parents now?" I asked hoping I wouldnt regret asking it later.
"They died to," he replied. "After the message they sent Shushi Hu to my planet just as the Tukinasha arrived and destroyed their planet."
I started realizing something after Krell said that. We were all orphans. I was adopted and never saw my real parents, Krell suffered from amnesia and cant remember his parents, and Shushi Hu's parents got killed by the Tukinasha. I started wondering if this was all fate. Or was someon setting a trap for us using our parents deaths as bait? My brain started aching. I had done too much thinking in such little time.
"Might as well go check on her, right?" I asked.
"Yeah, your right," replied Krell.
So we walked to the mediacal wing. I never saw so many aliens in a hallway before. They were all kneeling and at the brink of tears. It was very wierd. When we finally got there a doctor was standing at the doorway. She/He stopped us both.
"Her Highness wishes to see you both right now."
So we walked. There was Shushi sitting up with a t.v. next to her.
"Come in," she beckoned. "I have a mission we need to discuss."
I was dumbfounded. We were already getting a mission?!
"We're going to take out the Tukinasaha battleship," she said as the t.v. lit up showing an alien ship. "We are going to self destruct it. The process is we somehow sneak into the spacecraft. 3 people have to touch a single pad to activate the self destruct, but one has to stay behind and keep touching one pad to keep the countdown going."
"You mean," me and Krell asked at the same time.
"Yes," she replied darkly. "One of us is going to die."