Walking to get water from the stream

She tiptoed in the dark

Afraid to be seen

She gripped the bucket tighter

And continued on her way

She never thought that she would be risking her life to get water one day

Dead bodies were around her

She shivered in fear

These were parents, brothers and daughters

How will their families react when they hear?

Now they lie on the ground

Everybody unable to help

For if they try

They too will have to say goodbye

To people they love

The whole town is dark

For electricity is banned

These innocent people are not the ones in command

People are living on the streets

Kicked out of their house

With no power to object

Children are starving

There is nothing to eat

The houses are cold

There is no heat

Resources so common

Are now gone

Life or death is what life was now on

Walking down her childhood street

She cried silently

Remembering the times they went to the store

Joking and laughing

Something they don’t do anymore

Walking to the store now

Is something your life just doesn’t allow

War is the reason for all this pain

Fighting over religion and money

How stupid

What will you gain?

More death

More fear

More pain

War never brings back rainbows

It only brings back more rain