Evan Glaser

Harbinger Entry

A Day On The Mountain

The smell was crisp

From the minty plants

As it hit my nostrils

With a brilliant flair

The sharp gray rocks

In the steep jagged trail

Made perfect for climbing

On a day I that I hadn't

Suspected anything strange

Then I stopped dead in my tracks

For the taste of the air

Had turned tangy from something

Unknowing, lurking

An intrepid force

Was holding me back

With my spine erect and tingling

Straight up to high Heaven

There was, all at once,

A blinding light

That left a fiery sensation

On my scorched frozen tongue

It boomed in the sky

And echoed in my ears

It crept slowly towards me

Then disappeared

And all was silent

As I stood in awe

At the amazing sight

Of a fireball